Something NEW for me

When I do something creative, I have a plan.  Well, at least, a good idea what I’m going to do.  For Christmas I gave my granddaughter a set of acrylic paints.  Of course, she wanted to try them out immediately — with Grammie.  To my studio — the little yard sale child’s table — we go.  I grabbed a little 5 x 5 canvas that I had previously prepped with some left over aqua paint.  Didn’t want to use up her new canvases.  As she was putting paints on her palette to use, I used them too.  No color choice for me, just what she was using.  No idea.  No theme.  No plan.  Just putting paint on the canvas and totally enjoying being with her.  Today, I added some words.
We were having so much fun that soon I lost my spot at the table to others wanting to join in the creating.  Put the canvases away, and handed out ATC’s along with watercolor pencils.  Everyone wants to create — I think it’s in our nature.


AEDM day 6 — Watercolor Pencils again

Since the watercolor pencils were new to me, I thought I would just doodle with them and see what happened.  Watercolor pencils are NOT for me.  First the colors didn’t turn out the color I thought they would be.  And nothing was defined.  So, I thought “words” — I’ll add words.  And since it was a song, I added a little music to the flowers.  I wrote and wrote and wrote.  Still not defined enough.  So I outlined all the flowers and the music.  Better, but it’s not me.  I guess that’s a good thing about this “Art Every Day Month” — I should be able to rule out a lot of stuff.  And who knows?  Someday I might become focused and find my style.


AEDM day 5 – Watercolor Pencils

A day of truly dabbling, and double duty.  Wanted a little pig for my financial resource page, so I pulled out those watercolor pencils that I had not even opened.

In looking at this little fellow, either 1. my little pig has been fibbing and his snout has grown, 2. there was an anteater in the woodshed or much more likely, 3. I need to purchase one of those “How to Draw Pigs in Ten Easy Steps.”