Day 4 – Massage

Yes, massage relaxes me.  No question about it. massage blog

A monthly massage is  a splurge that I give myself.  Although, I consider it not a splurge but rather a medical necessity.  I found the most wonderful massage therapist about three years ago.  Selfish of me, but I’m not giving you her name, since she already stays booked months ahead.  I often think that finding her is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me.  She, however, probably doesn’t think the same of me.  She is amazed by my continually tight muscles.  It seems that some people improve over time.

In addition to short periods of relaxed muscles, she has also re-introduced me to scent.  A zillion years ago, I gave up everything scented.  It seemed that any scent aggravated my allergies.  On my first visit, she had me sniff about six unidentified bottles and then choose one.  Bergamot.  Never heard of it.  But over the next year, every visit I went through the same sniffing process.  I was determined to pick something different.  Every time, Bergamot.  Believe it or not, in some ways, I don’t even like Bergamot.  Now, I’m experimenting with essential oils myself.  I ordered several bottles, including Bergamot, of course.  My friend, Rachel, has an online store and she knows her essential oils.  Wonder if I can sniff my way to relaxation.

If I could afford (time and money) to have a massage a couple of hours every day, then I think my cortisol levels would come down.  Bliss.  Or who knows, maybe I would tire of it.  How much massage is too much?

Day 3 – Stress-Reduction CD

Another day, another tactic.  I know at this point that sitting on a cushion and clearing my mind isn’t going to work.  There is just too much chatter.  Today I  listened to a stress-reduction CD.  Brian Weiss, MD has a little book on Amazon with lots of stars, Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace which has with it a CD.  The book is a basic summary of the nature of stress.  Most of the reviews say that the best thing about the book is the CD that comes with it.meditation blog

Sitting at my desk in the early afternoon, I listened to the 33 minute CD.  Dr. Weiss’ voice was clear and very soothing.  It was easy to listen.  Occasionally, a bit of chatter would find its way in, but I tried to focus on his words.  After about 5-10 minutes, the CD was over.  Where did the other 25 minutes or so go?  Hmm.  I do feel refreshed and very mellow.  A little too mellow for the work ahead of me this afternoon.  If I can figure it out, I’m going to put it on my iPhone (without the zillion other songs in iTunes).  I want to listen to it lying in bed instead of sitting in an office chair.

The book includes a CD transcript.  But, I think I’ll stay in suspense about the other 25 minutes, and listen to it a couple more times before I read it.  Surely, I can trust Dr. Weiss; after all, he has been on Oprah.

As a side note, both dogs are sound asleep and appear to be totally stress-free.