One Little Word 2015

For the past several years, I have been participating in Ali Edward’s One Little Word Project.  It’s a year long project with monthly prompts.  I began in 2011 with “Nurture”, then two years of “Organize”.  I could do a lifetime of organize!  Last year was “Embrace”.  This is my fifth year, and I have yet to get further along than doing the January prompt.

January OLW

Once again, my January page!  Although I never get past January, I do keep the word in my mind all year.  Last year’s “Embrace” was the perfect word.  It was a tough year, and I had a new life to embrace.  This year, I’m ready to explore!

january olw 2

In my mind, I’ve sort of divided my life into thirds.  Believe it or not, I gave this a good bit of thought, e.g. divided in fourths gave me too little time left, divided in half gave me too much, and divided into anything else was too complicated.  I’m beginning a new phase, and this year I’m concentrating on exploring what this third phase of my life might look like.

January OLW 1

In addition to Ali’s January scrapbooking prompt, I also have a physical version of my word.  No idea how she does it, but Colleen Attara makes these custom words from recycled plastic.  She calls them salvaged words.  When it arrived, I was surprised to find that not only did she send me a big EXPLORE to hang where I’ll see it often, but also this smaller one.  Her packaging was so cute — it included the little sewn tag above and a sweet note.


Will I go further than the January prompt this year?  Can you teach an old dog new tricks?  Let’s explore that idea!

One Little Word – January

I finished my January assignment for Ali Edward’s One Little Word, and it’s still January!  Since I’m learning all of these scrap-booking things, I don’t venture too far away from the instructions.  It said to hand write something about your intentions on the cards.  Not happy with the results.  I’m fighting that “P” word, so I’ll let it go.  Also, there isn’t enough time in the day to do it again.  Note the bottom right block — it’s the little pencil drawing I did for my Records for the IRS e-course.  I used it as a picture of myself.

January pg 1

Page two.  And how cute are these tiny staples from my new Tim Holtz’s stapler. Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Tiny Attacher-With 100 Tiny S

January pg 2

I randomly put months with the intentions.  I have no idea which to start with first.  Maybe I’ll just work on them together and then they will all be miraculously organized at the end of the year.  What needs to be organized in your life?

Fly Tribe Blog Hop

Our Fly Tribe from Kelly Rae Robert’s Flying Lessons e-course is getting creative again.  We’re doing a blog hop about our “word” for 2012.

Here I blogged about starting again this year with Ali Edwards’ One Little word project.  ORGANIZE is so, SO my word this year.  Hey, I had the pre-class assignment up before January first.

In the class, January’s assignment is a 9 pocket page defining our word, it’s various forms and focusing on intentions for 2012.  Last year in this class I struggled with the supplies.  This year I have scrapbook paper, stamps, fonts and best of all — some of my own art to include.  Above is my mermaid from our last blog hop shrunk smaller than I thought was possible.

Yes, I want to do so many things.  The only way to do even half of all the things I want to do is to be organized.  “Whip into shape” — isn’t that a great synonym!  That’s my plan — I’m going to whip my life into shape; not organize a closet — although they could use it.

“With this word, I invite into my life…” — a powerful thing when we intend.  Order, structure and accomplishment are good things.  But calm is a big thing for me, and with my word, that is exactly what I am inviting into my life in 2012.  I don’t want to spend the year resembling the woman above in my little pen sketch I did for my financial blog.  I have spent too much of my life in that frazzled state, and I am excited and looking forward to organizing!
I hope you visit the other members of our Fly Tribe’s blogs.  All these “words” are adding up to a lot of creativity in 2012.  Here’s the list with links to them all.  And a special thank you to Rae Payne for creating our Fly Tribe Word Hop badge.  Enjoy, and be inspired.

One Little Word

2012 is fast approaching and there is talk everywhere about your “word” for the new year.  I’ve never had success with resolutions — too many I will NOT’s when I know of course that I will.  But a word is more of an intention for the year. My word for 2012 is organize.  I didn’t struggle to find a word, organize just seemed to be the natural choice.  In my professional life and with a BIG sigh of relief, I have let go of governmental auditing.  Without those audits hanging out there, I’m actually looking forward to tax season.  And I’m organizing and loving it!

Once again, I’m participating in Ali Edward’s “One Little Word 2012.”  There are lots of websites and blogs with activities, suggestions and even worksheets for choosing your word.  I like Ali’s monthly prompts and having something tangible to remind me throughout the year.  For 2011 my word was nurture, and you can read about it here.  I was very new to all of this creative stuff and suffering from the “perfection malady”.  I’m happy to say that I’ve mostly gotten over it.  And this year I have supplies!!  How fun is this going to be.  2012 isn’t even here and I have already created my pre-class assignment.

I’m thinking that I’ll continue with the 2011 prompts (no, I didn’t do all of the assignments) for nurture, along with the 2012.  After all, we can’t nurture ourselves too much.

One Little Word Project

I’m participating in a year long project called One Little Word (taught by Ali Edwards and through the website Big Picture Classes ) — sort of a combination of photography and scrapbooking.  Ali Edwards is a scrapbooker, and yet, somehow I didn’t realize that this class had anything to do with scrapbooking until I got the first assignment!  Oh my goodness — there is so much scrapbooking stuff.  I could be happy just buying supplies.

My word for the year is “nurture”.  It came to me in the bathtub — this is my year to nurture myself!  January’s assignment — you can see that I’m a bit behind — used a template from Ali Edwards (so, I’m learning more about Abode Elements) to expand on your word.