The Ugliest Backyard Makeover

As if the repairs on the Dudley House that I wrote about here weren’t enough, I just had to start thinking and dreaming about the backyard.  My dream for the backyard is to be a place of relaxation and beauty.  A place for the dogs to run and people to gather.

backyard dream

If I could do half the things I think I can do, then I would be amazing.  Alas, I can’t, but that doesn’t stop me from starting projects.  I call this project The Ugliest Backyard Makeover.  You can find it on Instagram at #ugliestbackyardmakeover.

The Dudley House is in an area of town where houses have very small yards.  I see people mow all of their grass in less than ten minutes with a push mower.  As the 1928 original farmhouse before dividing, it has a big yard, bigger than any others that I have seen in the neighborhood.

As I was visualizing a pool, expansive deck and lush landscaping, the pictures below are what my camera was capturing.




backyard 3

backyard 2