A Weed by any other name…

Lush and oh, so green — that’s Kentucky in the spring.  Come August and it’s a very different story.  After a dry August, it’s a crisp, brown wasteland.  As I was walking my dogs, brown grass crunching with each step, I noticed mixed in with the drab landscape, tiny bits of color.  Weeds.  Even with the heat and lack of water, weeds were blooming.  I thought it would be fun to capture some shots of weeds in a different perspective.  Capture them as “color”, not as an obnoxious plant needing to be hoed out.  Ironweed, Queen Anne’s Lace and even the ever so obnoxious thistle — a bit of beauty on the parched landscape.

Can’t Resist the Flowers!

I haven’t blogged a single post in over three months!  Why?  Frankly, I’ve been paralyzed… paralyzed with indecision.  In an e-course I was taking, Hello Soul Hello Business, I was chosen to be mentored by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nichols.  Wow!  So exciting.  Their main suggestion was that I combine my business website with my three blogs.  Yes, I know it’s crazy to have three blogs.  I’ve thought, and thought, and thought some more.  I just can’t see how to do it.  I can’t do it.  And last week, I decided, I don’t WANT to do it.

Still paralyzed with indecision as to what to do with this blog.  I’ve thought of renaming so that it fits more with the name theme of my other two blogs, Living within your Harvest and Neglected Seeds.  Any ideas?

Regardless of the indecision, I can’t resist joining in on my friend Lori Moon’s May Flower Challenge.  She is an incredible photographer and blogger, and I’ve been enjoying her posts all month.  The month is just about gone, but I’m sliding in with my very favorite flower — hellebores or more commonly known as Lenten Rose.

The simplicity and elegance of the Lenten Rose is what I think draws me to it.  They are the first to bloom — sometimes even in snow — and with such an intensity of color.  The color fades over time, but the simplistic elegance remains.

A single Lenten Rose with Kim Klassen’s texture “green.”

Texture Tuesday

As if I don’t have enough on my plate, I’m also participating in Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.  The theme for this Tuesday is the word “open”.  Here’s my result.

I started with a stack of my old logic books — some things you just can’t let go.  Took a photograph with my macro lens.  And I do love my macro lens!  I’ve added Kim Klassen’s textures “Serendipity” and “Shades of November”.   Cropped the photo a bit, and there you have it.


I don’t know how I did it

I see these beautiful, pale photos that have been layered until they have such a “dreamy” look to them.  I wanted to make one.  A search through my macro photos for something that was in the pale pink family produced this Gerber Daisy.  Perfect.

I added a texture layer, and then started playing with the adjustments.  To my surprise, pale and dreamy isn’t what appeared.

But I love it!  I can see it framed with lots of white border — maybe even a white frame.  And my first thought was what a beautiful scarf in a soft, sheer fabric.  A scarf that would coordinate with everything in my closet.  Or maybe even a vintage style dress — like something from the 40’s.  Fabric.  Yes, definitely fabric.  Fabric making would probably be taking my dabbling a bit too far — so, I’ll have to go with the framed lots of white border.  This certainly wasn’t what I set out to achieve — it’s my found art!

AEDM day 2

I hope that my blog hopping creation will count as day 1 of the AEDM.  Like everyone else, there are so many things to do in a day that if we can make some of the things “double duty” it helps.  The same for today.  For my day 2 art, I’m working on my macro photography.

Acorns.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find an acorn this time of the year?  I was lucky that I wasn’t mugged by a squirrel on my way back to the house.  This photograph is to use for my inspiration post to my financial resource section.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”  — Robert Lewis Stevenson

Harvest is good.  But as creative souls, we need to keep in mind that every blog post, mixed media canvas, piece of jewelry is a little seed that we are planting in the creative world.