Crazy Sexy Kitchen

I have been flipping and dreaming through Kris Carr’s new cookbook since it was published.  Crazy Sexy Kitchen: 150 Plant-Empowered Recipes to Ignite a Mouthwatering Revolution is not only filled with yummy, healthy dishes, but the plating is elegant and the photography is beautiful.  Have I mentioned that food photography is something I want to study?  Add that to my ever growing list.  If you’re not familiar with Kris Carr, check her out here.

My daughter, Stefanie has been a vegetarian for over twelve years and is now mostly vegan.  When she came to visit, I pulled out the Kris Carr cookbook, and we, along with my son Matt (omnivore), went to work.

crab cakes

Hearts-of-palm style Crab Cakes with Remoulade.  I have been salivating over this recipe.  I love crab cakes, but worry about that “bottom feeder” thing.  I love hearts of palm.  And next to bearnaise sauce, remoulade is my favorite.  We couldn’t go wrong with this recipe.   It was definitely a winner!  Check it out on page 151.  Even if you don’t make the crab cakes, the sauce is worth it as a healthier version of remoulade.  As for the photography, I’m not happy with the parsley placement.  When everyone is ready to eat, staging takes a backseat.  And who knew smearing sauce is so difficult?


Isn’t this a gorgeous dish!  Beetroot Ravioli with cashew cream cheese, page 193.  Not only is this delight vegan, but it’s also raw.  All this wonderful color must be good for you.  I had my doubts about making cream cheese from cashews.  Yet is was very tasty, and even more so the next day.  Red stained fingers were the only downside to eating this recipe.  Probably a small price for the health benefits.  By the way, that’s shaved raw asparagus tossed with olive oil and lemon juice on the side.

I could eat this way every day.  So, what stops me?  One is simply the learning curve of new recipes and new ingredients.  I can’t say time, because these recipes usually take no longer than the conventional versions.  Although I could open a package of cream cheese quicker than I could soak cashews and grind them.  But the biggest deterrent to healthy eating for me?


Anyone recognize these fellows?  They are “in season” right now.


Not the SumMEr of Me

With another tax season behind me and summer approaching, my thought was “this is going to be MY summer.”  I had neglected myself for far too long and the effects of non-stop stress had taken their toll on me — mind and body.  Not long afterwards, my wonderful friend Renee announced her blog series, SumMer of Me.

Perfect for me; fit right in with my plan.  Alas, so much for plans — sometimes life just happens.  Now as summer is drawing to a close, I have to admit it clearly was NOT a summer of me.

However, I did have a week of me!  It was to be my kickoff for the summer.  Kris Carr has an amazing story, and she is my hero.  If you’re not familiar with her and her bestselling book, Crazy, Sexy Diet, check it out.

I had passed it along to my daughter and in June she suggested that we do a detox week together — well, as together as you can get when I’m in Kentucky and she’s in Texas.  Using many of the suggestions from Kris Carr’s book and some of our own, we came up with a list of things to try to do every day.  Here’s the sheet she made for us.  By the way, if you read this, “crack” is sugar.  So, don’t call the authorities — sugar is a legal drug.  You can download a PDF copy here.  Or there is one with a whole month on one page here.

For over a week, I was sugar-free, caffeine-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free and vegan.  The toughest was giving up my morning coffee.  Next was sugar.  I meditated, exercised and did yoga.  I drank green juice daily.  Once I got past the coffee withdrawal, I felt amazing.  Then life, and the stress that comes with it.  There were less and less check marks.  Then maybe only a check mark here or there.  The summer was no longer about me.

But I’m not quitting.  My list can be full of checks again.  It will be the “Fall of ME.”  Or maybe before you start imagining my demise, it should be the “Autumn of ME.”  As a side note, my daughter has continued with all things healthy.  I would love to hear what you think should be on a healthy list.

P.S.  My daughter just commented:  Just wanted to clarify “my daughter has continued with all things healthy”…. it should read, “my daughter attempts every day to do all things healthy (but sometimes fails miserably, which is ok).” It’s a struggle to fit all these healthy things in each day with all the stresses, drama, and lack of time associated with everyday life. It’s the attempt that counts.  I’m one lucky Mom!