Blooming White

I was looking about the yard today and noticed that most plants blooming were blooming white.  Grabbed my camera because I knew I had a post for my friend Lori’s May Flower challenge.  I participated last year if you count doing one post on the very last day.  Day 17 – so I have lots more chances this year.

See how many of my white blooms you can identify with only a photo and a little hint.  Answers will be at the end of the post — I don’t want anyone overwhelmed with curiosity.

aa.  a common summer garden plant.

bb.  when these bloom, you know it’s Derby time.

cc.  blooms before her big sister.

dd.  love the leaves in my scrambled eggs.

ee.  a old fashioned favorite from the viburnum family.

ff.  you may have sucked on the bloom for nectar as a child.

gg.  goes well with strawberries.

hh. makes a yummy cobbler.

ii.  unless you’re looking for fence posts, this is the only time of the year this tree is attractive.

Wow, don’t I have a lot of white in my yard.  I wonder if nature starts us out with white to get us ready for the dazzling colors of summer.

Here are the answers:

a. Geranium  b. Azalea  c. Sweetbay Magnolia  d. Common Thyme  e. Snowball bush  f. Honeysuckle  g. Rhubarb  h. Blackberry  i. Honey Locust

How many did you get?

Can’t Resist the Flowers!

I haven’t blogged a single post in over three months!  Why?  Frankly, I’ve been paralyzed… paralyzed with indecision.  In an e-course I was taking, Hello Soul Hello Business, I was chosen to be mentored by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nichols.  Wow!  So exciting.  Their main suggestion was that I combine my business website with my three blogs.  Yes, I know it’s crazy to have three blogs.  I’ve thought, and thought, and thought some more.  I just can’t see how to do it.  I can’t do it.  And last week, I decided, I don’t WANT to do it.

Still paralyzed with indecision as to what to do with this blog.  I’ve thought of renaming so that it fits more with the name theme of my other two blogs, Living within your Harvest and Neglected Seeds.  Any ideas?

Regardless of the indecision, I can’t resist joining in on my friend Lori Moon’s May Flower Challenge.  She is an incredible photographer and blogger, and I’ve been enjoying her posts all month.  The month is just about gone, but I’m sliding in with my very favorite flower — hellebores or more commonly known as Lenten Rose.

The simplicity and elegance of the Lenten Rose is what I think draws me to it.  They are the first to bloom — sometimes even in snow — and with such an intensity of color.  The color fades over time, but the simplistic elegance remains.

A single Lenten Rose with Kim Klassen’s texture “green.”