Asymmetrical Composition

Asymmetrical composition is the first assignment in Claudine Hellmuth’s “Composition for Collage” over at Big Picture Classes.  I love her retro-whimsical style  This is the first piece I created for this assignment.  I think it’s fairly balanced.

Claudine provides downloads of a variety of vintage images.  You could add your own images or items, but I chose to only use what was in the downloads.  Give me too many options and I would never get it done!  It was then just a matter of cutting out some pieces and trying to make an asymmetrical composition.

This one doesn’t seem quite balanced to me.  It definitely needs a splash of color.  But not sure what is needs to balance it out.  Maybe if I lifted the man and clotheslines, and then moved the bicycles a bit to the right.  What do you think?  Wish I had more downloads.  I have to say that I love cutting and pasting.