Something NEW for me

When I do something creative, I have a plan.  Well, at least, a good idea what I’m going to do.  For Christmas I gave my granddaughter a set of acrylic paints.  Of course, she wanted to try them out immediately — with Grammie.  To my studio — the little yard sale child’s table — we go.  I grabbed a little 5 x 5 canvas that I had previously prepped with some left over aqua paint.  Didn’t want to use up her new canvases.  As she was putting paints on her palette to use, I used them too.  No color choice for me, just what she was using.  No idea.  No theme.  No plan.  Just putting paint on the canvas and totally enjoying being with her.  Today, I added some words.
We were having so much fun that soon I lost my spot at the table to others wanting to join in the creating.  Put the canvases away, and handed out ATC’s along with watercolor pencils.  Everyone wants to create — I think it’s in our nature.


Photo Session

Yesterday I did a photo session.  I planned it so that I would have the morning light coming in on the Christmas tree — it was a Christmas photo session, of course.  The subject needed to look nice, so I combed her hair.  And she was decked out in her Christmas attire — a Martha Stewart holiday collar which was 50% off at Petsmart this week.  And I had a Santa hat from the year before.

Once I got over the fact that she just wasn’t going to wear the Santa hat, the session went very well.  Meggie patiently posed for numerous shots — and if you know anything about Airedale Terriers, this was akin to a Christmas miracle!  This is my third year for doing a photo of Meggie and this is the first time that I had a selection to choose from for our Christmas cards.  Below is the final version.  The only photoshop-ing was to crop and add a date.  Meggie is an incredibly sweet and kind dog, and I sort of think it comes across in this photo.

Merry Christmas from Lady Margaret of Penleigh House aka Meggie.

What is this thing we call “Christmas”?

Christmas is over — a sigh of relief.  Decorations are put away — another sigh of relief.  But Christmas still lingers — the credit card bills have arrived!  What happens to us during the Christmas season?  I can’t believe that the shopping, traffic jams, crabby people and all of the rampant spending have anything in the world to do with the birth of Christ. If there is a connection, please tell me. And don’t give me the story of the three wise men bringing gifts — that doesn’t come close to explaining what happens to us.  I’m a scrooge — and darn if I don’t get caught up in all the madness!

There so many things I love about Christmas — the music, the festivities, the lights, the family gatherings are all wonderful.  And of course, the Celebration of Christmas.  Why the emphasis on buying?

Is it possible that we have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to Christmas?  I do realize that a shift from the season’s buying frenzy would have an impact on our economy — maybe even a very large impact.  Christmas is what makes the retail business.  And just maybe Christmas also makes us a country of debt.