Blooming White

I was looking about the yard today and noticed that most plants blooming were blooming white.  Grabbed my camera because I knew I had a post for my friend Lori’s May Flower challenge.  I participated last year if you count doing one post on the very last day.  Day 17 – so I have lots more chances this year.

See how many of my white blooms you can identify with only a photo and a little hint.  Answers will be at the end of the post — I don’t want anyone overwhelmed with curiosity.

aa.  a common summer garden plant.

bb.  when these bloom, you know it’s Derby time.

cc.  blooms before her big sister.

dd.  love the leaves in my scrambled eggs.

ee.  a old fashioned favorite from the viburnum family.

ff.  you may have sucked on the bloom for nectar as a child.

gg.  goes well with strawberries.

hh. makes a yummy cobbler.

ii.  unless you’re looking for fence posts, this is the only time of the year this tree is attractive.

Wow, don’t I have a lot of white in my yard.  I wonder if nature starts us out with white to get us ready for the dazzling colors of summer.

Here are the answers:

a. Geranium  b. Azalea  c. Sweetbay Magnolia  d. Common Thyme  e. Snowball bush  f. Honeysuckle  g. Rhubarb  h. Blackberry  i. Honey Locust

How many did you get?