Remembering Ms. Guinea

Guinea Fowl are strange birds, and I had only seen them in pictures when I decided to buy 45 newly hatched chicks.  A third of them were promised as soon as they arrived.  When they were older, I gifted them until I had six remaining.  A half a dozen guinea happily grazing the yard sounded just right.

And then they were discovered by a Great Horned Owl, and within two weeks I was down to one guinea — Ms. Guinea.  She continued to out-smart the Owl for several months.  Each morning she was outside to greet me and would often sit on my home office window looking in.  Guineas can be loud, and no one came to the house without her alarm sounding.

Last week the Owl won.  Such is nature.  My Texture Tuesday project is a tribute to Ms. Guinea.

This is Kim Klassen’s texture “Felicity”.  One layer at normal 19% and one layer at soft light 100%.

Texture Tuesday

As if I don’t have enough on my plate, I’m also participating in Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.  The theme for this Tuesday is the word “open”.  Here’s my result.

I started with a stack of my old logic books — some things you just can’t let go.  Took a photograph with my macro lens.  And I do love my macro lens!  I’ve added Kim Klassen’s textures “Serendipity” and “Shades of November”.   Cropped the photo a bit, and there you have it.


I don’t know how I did it

I see these beautiful, pale photos that have been layered until they have such a “dreamy” look to them.  I wanted to make one.  A search through my macro photos for something that was in the pale pink family produced this Gerber Daisy.  Perfect.

I added a texture layer, and then started playing with the adjustments.  To my surprise, pale and dreamy isn’t what appeared.

But I love it!  I can see it framed with lots of white border — maybe even a white frame.  And my first thought was what a beautiful scarf in a soft, sheer fabric.  A scarf that would coordinate with everything in my closet.  Or maybe even a vintage style dress — like something from the 40’s.  Fabric.  Yes, definitely fabric.  Fabric making would probably be taking my dabbling a bit too far — so, I’ll have to go with the framed lots of white border.  This certainly wasn’t what I set out to achieve — it’s my found art!

What AEDM day is this?

I’ve been away for a couple of days.  But, I think I’ve been a tiny bit creative every day even though I don’t really have anything to show for it.  I’m working through a book called “You Can Draw in 30 Days” and I’m drawing and shading balls and boxes.  Hope to share something with you in the coming days.
I did take some pictures.  I pulled a few of them up in Photoshop Elements and played around with the  color hue and saturation, and with the balance of tint and temperature.   I see photographs where these values have been changed, and I’m just not quite sure if I like it.  Sometimes the color combinations are so vivid that I’m immediately drawn to them.  And then sometimes, I think it’s just too bizarre.  Take a look at these, and please let me know what you think.
A Different Shade of Sanibel

AEDM day 9 – Experimenting

I’m on a dabbling roll.  The amount of stuff at an art/craft store is amazing!  What does one do with all of it?  Well, of course, most people don’t do something with “all” of it.  This is my month for experimenting with different mediums and techniques.  Some may work; some may not.  Those colored pencils didn’t work for me, but from comments I learned about other options with more vibrant colors.  Thanks for the feedback!

Yesterday I took a picture of all the bare trees in our backyard with the beautiful blue sky in the background.  Changed the hue of the photograph in Photoshop Elements and printed the picture on card stock paper with my inkjet printer.  Mixed Adirondark alcohol ink (Cranberry) about half and half with alcohol blending solution.  Wet the paper and then misted (with a mini mister) the trees with the ink mixture.  When it dried, I added a flying crow to the sky.  I’m sort of happy with how it turned out.

I truly appreciate all of the wonderful feedback from the AEDM group and from my Fly Tribe!