Starting your new business e-course

starting your new businessThis is an e-course for those starting a new business or even those who aren’t sure if they are a business.  Here’s some of what will be covered:

  • The entrepreneurial personality
  • Are you a business or a hobby — why it matters and how to act like a business
  • Choosing an entity — explore all of your choices and how to make a choice
  • What are the accounting method choices and how to choose
  • Goals, planning and budget — ideas to get you on the right track
  • What are the different taxes and which ones apply to you
  • Registering and getting tax numbers
  • Keeping records — what is required and exploring options
  • Bonus discussions — capturing start up costs — retail vs. wholesale — employee vs. independent contractor


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Check out some of the comments from students of my “Starting Your New Business” class.

“Wow!  This exceeded my expectations.”

“This class was excellent!  I like that you gave a highlight of the knowledge and downloads for future reference.”

“I loved the layout as much as the content.  I was able to easily spend 15 minutes every morning doing it and I was done.”

“I’ll be using this information over and over.”

“I think this was a wonderful and concise way of easing people into what they need to know as they get started.”

“This is simple straightforward, invaluable information for anyone starting their own business.”

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