Counting Abundance e-course


Take the mystery out of keeping your books.

These are YOUR numbers.  And when you UNDERSTAND them, you’ll be much better able to build a profitable business.

Is this you?

  • Would you rather scrub the floors than look at your numbers?
  • Do you feel like math just isn’t your thing?  (Maybe it even gives you hives?)
  • Are you dreading tax time (and the horrible task of trying to figure out how much you made and where all the money went)?

You’re not alone?  Most creative types feel just as frustrated as you do.

But now there’s a solution.

I’ve put together a self-paced, 10 part class that teaches you (using simple and easy-to-follow instructions) everything you need to know to set up a bookkeeping system that suits YOU and YOUR needs.

Together, we’ll create a system simple enough for you to love, but adequate for planning and tax time.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module 1:  How to Harness the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction

Module 2:  Understanding Accounting Basics

Module 3:  Goals, Plans & Habits to Fuel Your Success

Module 4:  Creating Your Structure (aka “Chart of Accounts”)

Module 5:  Gathering the pieces of Your Financial Story

Module 6:  Exploring Bookkeeping Methods

Module 7:  Choosing a Method All Your Own

Module 8:  Putting Your Method to Work

Module 9:  Counting Your Abundance (so you’ll be ready for Tax Season)

Module 10:  Tax Deductions You Don’t Want to Miss

Each module includes helpful checklists and worksheets to help you build confidence as you complete each exercise.  When you have questions, I’ll be there to answer them.

E-course is open access, so when you purchase the lessons all are available to you.  The e-course is on the Ruzuku platform which means you’ll have lifetime access to the material.  Their platform is super easy to use.  When you have questions during the e-course, just email me at


Check out some of the comments from students of my “Starting Your New Business” class.

“Wow!  This exceeded my expectations.”

“This class was excellent!  I like that you gave a highlight of the knowledge and downloads for future reference.”

“I loved the layout as much as the content.  I was able to easily spend 15 minutes every morning doing it and I was done.”

“I’ll be using this information over and over.”

“I think this was a wonderful and concise way of easing people into what they need to know as they get started.”

“This is simple straightforward, invaluable information for anyone starting their own business.”

Questions?  Email me: