Currently, I have three e-courses available.  These e-courses are on the Ruzuku platform.  Therefore, not only are they easy to navigate, but you have lifetime access to the lessons.  Click on the logo to learn more about the e-course and for the link to register.




starting your new business

record for the irs

Check out some of the comments from students of my “Starting Your New Business” class.

“Wow!  This exceeded my expectations.”

“This class was excellent!  I like that you gave a highlight of the knowledge and downloads for future reference.”

“I loved the layout as much as the content.  I was able to easily spend 15 minutes every morning doing it and I was done.”

“I’ll be using this information over and over.”

“I think this was a wonderful and concise way of easing people into what they need to know as they get started.”

“This is simple straightforward, invaluable information for anyone starting their own business.”

Questions?  Email me:  simplymyharvest@gmail.com