Repetition is Not Failure

A devotional book is invariably beside my bed.  Most nights I read a bit to clear my mind of the bedlam of the day.  I’ve found that this small dose of inspiration helps me to get a better night’s rest.  Currently on my nightstand is The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have (Gift Edition) by Mark Nepo.  I have to say, Oprah can certainly pick books!

book of awakening

There are a couple of blog challenges coming up in October.  Great time to concentrate of at least one of my struggles — stress.  Then I thought why?  I struggle with the same things over and over, and  never seem to learn.  October is a busy month, but isn’t every month.  As I was beating myself up, I remembered a passage I read a couple of days ago in The Book of Awakening.  It gives me comfort and hope.  Maybe if you’re in need, it will also touch you.

“There is no expected pace for inner learning.  What we need to learn comes when we need it, no matter how old or young, no matter how many times we have to start over, no matter how many times we have to learn the same lesson.  We fall down as many times as we need to, to learn how to fall and get up.  We fall in love as many times as we need to, to learn how to hold and be held.  We misunderstand the many voices of truth as many times as we need to, to truly hear the choir of diversity that surrounds us.  We suffer our pain as often as is necessary for us to learn how to break and how to heal.  No one really likes this, of course, but we deal with our dislike in the same way, again and again, until we learn what we need to know about the humility of acceptance.”

So, I’m in for two blog challenges in October, BlogtoberFest 2013 and  31 Days.

All of my posts for the 31 days challenge will be listed here (updated each day):

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1. You’re here!

2. You are getting very sleepy

3. Stress Reduction CD

4. Massage


6. –

7.  Mind on my Brain








Baking and decorating a birthday cake is a once a year activity for me, but so much fun.  This is my fifth year of baking a birthday cake for my granddaughter Lucy.  The tradition started with a “Henry” cake when she was three.

lucy 3

And here’s a blog post that I did about her fifth birthday.

Usually Lucy makes a request for what she wants for her birthday cake.  No indications this year.  I thought about just doing a “pretty” cake for her seventh birthday.  Wanting something more unique, I decided to try to capture Minecraft.  If you’re not in the know, Minecraft is a computer game (computer, iphone, ipad, etc.) that has captured the attention of kids from a young age on up.  I confess that I’m lost in the game with Lucy usually leading me around — you can be in the same game on different devices.  Really pretty cool.  You would have to be familiar with the game to recognize the features that I tried to put into the cake.


Lucy was happy with it which is what counts.

Lucy 7

As a side note, see the figure on the cake.  The game always has the same figure, Steve.  No girls.  Well at least on device versions.  So, Lucy composed a letter to Mojang the Minecraft developers requesting a girl figure.  We’ll see if they respond.

Is another road bike a crazy idea?

This past week I’ve been back to riding my bicycle, my clunky fold up bicycle — an easy six mile ride on a fairly level bike path.  But I’ve been thinking about my road bike.  I purchased it eleven years ago after having not been on a bicycle for years, many years.  Part of my new adventurous attitude at the time — or it could have been a midlife crisis sort of thing.  I remember trying it out for size at the bike store after work one day — a quick ride around the little parking lot, wearing heels and with my skirt tied in a knot to keep it out of the chain.  I’m sure the sales boy was thinking midlife crisis.

To give you an idea of how into “it” I was, those were my favorite biking shirts.  It was a red, white and blue Trek.  It sat in my hallway for about a week before I ventured out on it.  My first trip around the neighborhood, and my thought was, “I’ve made a BIG mistake.”  But I stayed with it, and came to love the feeling of flying.  I wish I had a picture of my bike.  It was stolen a few years ago, and I didn’t replace it.

My children worried about my biking trips.  I think it wasn’t so much that they worried that I would get killed on the road, it was that I would get killed on the road wearing spandex!  Notice the shirt brand — Shebeest.  I thought I was a “she beast” riding a 100 plus miles a week.  For the sake of speed, I even overcame my fear (a BIG fear for me) and used clip on pedals.  I was sure that I was going to come to a stop, not be able to unlock my shoes and just fall over.  It never happened.

But life happened.  And I didn’t ride as much.  Then I didn’t ride at all.  Years have gone by, and now I’m thinking I need a road bike.  Crazy idea?

August Color Challenge

I’ve neglected Louise Gale’s Creative Color Challenge 2012, but I’m back for the August challenge!  The theme is “rainbow of colors”.  I usually like to use photography/mixed media for the challenge; this month I decided to only use photoshop elements.  Louise provided a rainbow list of colors with their codes.  Perfect for computer only.

Yes, I know.  It’s simplistic.  But I did use all of the colors and I worked at arranging the bursts of color in what is hopefully a balanced design.


Fly Tribe Anniversary – Giving Flight

A year ago, I signed up for Kelly Rae Robert’s e-course, Flying Lessons.  I don’t think that any one of us could have predicted the friendships that would develop from the private Facebook group.  Not only do we share our creativity, but our daily ups and downs, our very lives.  Regardless of what is going on in your life, there is always a fellow flyer to support you.  In celebration of our one year anniversary, we decided to “give back”.  Ideas buzzed around, and before long we had collected enough money to sponsor eight spots in Kelly Rae’s 2012 Flying lessons.  And to top it off, Kelly Rae has generously agreed to match our sponsorships.  Sixteen sweet spots!  Read all about it here (link goes live at midnight CST), and you could be a lucky winner.

Our blog hop is about giving back.  In addition to the Flying Lessons, we have all been concentrating on other ways to give back.  It reminds me of something Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  I am so proud of our little group.

My give back is and has been for several years, Women For Women International.  Through their sponsorship program, they not only provide food and shelter but teach women the business skills and job training they need to provide for themselves and their families.  When I read these stories of courageous women who overcome unimaginable obstacles, I am reminded of how blessed we are in our country of freedom.

Join the love and check out more give back stories from fellow flyers.  And a special thanks to Susan for creating our awesome logo and collecting the money, and to Rachel for setting up and coordinating our blog hop.  And to all of the fly tribe.

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