One Little Word

2012 is fast approaching and there is talk everywhere about your “word” for the new year.  I’ve never had success with resolutions — too many I will NOT’s when I know of course that I will.  But a word is more of an intention for the year. My word for 2012 is organize.  I didn’t struggle to find a word, organize just seemed to be the natural choice.  In my professional life and with a BIG sigh of relief, I have let go of governmental auditing.  Without those audits hanging out there, I’m actually looking forward to tax season.  And I’m organizing and loving it!

Once again, I’m participating in Ali Edward’s “One Little Word 2012.”  There are lots of websites and blogs with activities, suggestions and even worksheets for choosing your word.  I like Ali’s monthly prompts and having something tangible to remind me throughout the year.  For 2011 my word was nurture, and you can read about it here.  I was very new to all of this creative stuff and suffering from the “perfection malady”.  I’m happy to say that I’ve mostly gotten over it.  And this year I have supplies!!  How fun is this going to be.  2012 isn’t even here and I have already created my pre-class assignment.

I’m thinking that I’ll continue with the 2011 prompts (no, I didn’t do all of the assignments) for nurture, along with the 2012.  After all, we can’t nurture ourselves too much.

One Little Word Project

I’m participating in a year long project called One Little Word (taught by Ali Edwards and through the website Big Picture Classes ) — sort of a combination of photography and scrapbooking.  Ali Edwards is a scrapbooker, and yet, somehow I didn’t realize that this class had anything to do with scrapbooking until I got the first assignment!  Oh my goodness — there is so much scrapbooking stuff.  I could be happy just buying supplies.

My word for the year is “nurture”.  It came to me in the bathtub — this is my year to nurture myself!  January’s assignment — you can see that I’m a bit behind — used a template from Ali Edwards (so, I’m learning more about Abode Elements) to expand on your word.