Sailing along

First assignment in Life Book 2013. The example was a car traveling along a road. Flowers along side the road were intentions for the new year. Clouds were good things in the present. The cloud part I got. My green watercolors mixed with the  blue sky, and the landscape turned a blueish green. Even Kentucky Bluegrass isn’t this blue. Nothing to do but change it into a water scene. And there you have me sailing along. No, putting my face in the picture wasn’t my idea. How fun is this!

Life book blog 1

What fascinated me the most was a salt technique.  While the watercolors were wet, I sprinkled on table salt.  Sorry, not my idea.  I love the things that happened.

Life book blog 2

What a perfect ocean bottom.

Life book blog 3

Look at the different patterns in the sky.  Of course, I had absolutely no control over the patterns.  But sometimes no control is a good thing.  Can’t wait to try more new things!

Playing with Crayons

I’m having a new adventure in my creative journey, Life Book 2013.   Last year on Facebook I watched all year as pictures were posted from Life Book 2012, and I wanted to be a part of it.  This year I am.  Life Book is the creation of Tamara Laporte, a mixed media artist.  To loosen everyone up a bit, especially the newbies like myself, her first assignment was to create a “fairy godmother or father” that would say sweet and encouraging things to you all  year.  I didn’t venture too far from her tutorial since the neocolor II watersoluble crayons are new to me.  How fun is this sweet, little art fairy!

Fairy blog

I struggle with just sitting and playing with crayons.  I should qualify that with “sitting alone”, since I love any sort of art project with my granddaughter!  But surely there is something more important I could be doing.  That’s why MY art fairy is telling me, “Playing with crayons is NOT wasting time.”

Asymmetrical Composition

Asymmetrical composition is the first assignment in Claudine Hellmuth’s “Composition for Collage” over at Big Picture Classes.  I love her retro-whimsical style  This is the first piece I created for this assignment.  I think it’s fairly balanced.

Claudine provides downloads of a variety of vintage images.  You could add your own images or items, but I chose to only use what was in the downloads.  Give me too many options and I would never get it done!  It was then just a matter of cutting out some pieces and trying to make an asymmetrical composition.

This one doesn’t seem quite balanced to me.  It definitely needs a splash of color.  But not sure what is needs to balance it out.  Maybe if I lifted the man and clotheslines, and then moved the bicycles a bit to the right.  What do you think?  Wish I had more downloads.  I have to say that I love cutting and pasting.

Love of Art Blog Party

Our Fly Tribe is hosting a Love of Art Blog Party.  It’s February, so it has to be “love”.  And it’s tax season, so I’m a bit short on time.  But yes, I believe in love — love of art, that is.

It was just a little over a year ago that I with tiny steps began this creative journey, and it has truly been a blessing.  I have had so much fun trying out different techniques, viewing all of the fantastic art out there, getting to know some absolutely wonderful artists, and just piddling.  It has truly been good for my soul, and I don’t want to ever abandon my need for the creative again.

These ATCs are ones that I made for our Fly Tribe February ATC swap.  I did a series using a photograph of my maternal grandmother.

She died at the age of thirty from cervical cancer, and I have always been drawn to this haunting photograph.  I don’t know if it’s unhappiness or sickness or maybe just the pose of the times.  But it felt good to put her on my ATCs knowing that she could be traveling as far as Australia.

There is a lot of Love of Art sharing this week.  The link at the top right takes you to more posts.  Enjoy and do your soul good.

Something NEW for me

When I do something creative, I have a plan.  Well, at least, a good idea what I’m going to do.  For Christmas I gave my granddaughter a set of acrylic paints.  Of course, she wanted to try them out immediately — with Grammie.  To my studio — the little yard sale child’s table — we go.  I grabbed a little 5 x 5 canvas that I had previously prepped with some left over aqua paint.  Didn’t want to use up her new canvases.  As she was putting paints on her palette to use, I used them too.  No color choice for me, just what she was using.  No idea.  No theme.  No plan.  Just putting paint on the canvas and totally enjoying being with her.  Today, I added some words.
We were having so much fun that soon I lost my spot at the table to others wanting to join in the creating.  Put the canvases away, and handed out ATC’s along with watercolor pencils.  Everyone wants to create — I think it’s in our nature.