The Dudley House

The Dudley HouseBack in January, I posted about finding a house in Lexington, the perfect house.  I ended the post by saying that I would be sharing with you all the makeovers in the coming months.  I had in mind sharing cute decorating, ways of making the house warm and inviting, etc.  Bet that’s what you were thinking too.  It’s been a long and tiring journey to get to that place, but five months later, I’m almost there.

When I looked at the Dudley House (By the way, I named it.  I just think that houses need names, don’t you?), I saw the perfect house.  It’s small, but very open with lots of natural light.  It needed some things done, but nothing seemed overwhelming.  What was I thinking?  Here it was the beginning of tax season, and this was basically my need/problem to do list:

  • No back door, only plastic
  • Walls removed from back porch/mudroom
  • Broken basement windows
  • No way to open/close door to side porch
  • Dishwasher pulled out and disassembled
  • HVAC duct work removed
  • Baseboard removed in random spots throughout
  • Trim removed from windows
  • Screen ripped off screened in porch
  • Door to basement missing
  • Neither toilet functioning
  • Large area of side porch roof missing
  • Electrical system ungrounded
  • Several windows ready to fall out
  • Broken light fixtures
  • Hardwood floors downstairs needing refinishing

I thought it would be no problem.  Had I realized what a job that I was facing, the sensible thing to do would have been to hire a general contractor and had them do it all.  Instead, it was an exhausting several months with numerous individual contractors.  No, it isn’t all done yet, but it’s getting closer.  I’ll be sharing some of the interior soon.  In the meantime, here are a few pics that I took before the work began.

back porch

Fire place

front door

half bath

inside front door



side porch




  1. Connie-I am so anxious to follow along with you on this path you are on. It seems like you are moving in a forward direction. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new home.
    Teresa Cash

  2. Love it! Once its all done you will never remember all the challenges involved. Youre just enjoy your life there!

  3. connie, I’ve enjoyed hearing about the Dudley House and everything going on with it. How exciting and an amazing adventure to transform this into your home!


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