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Out of the Fog – a BIG Step

Last August as I was struggling to figure out what my life would look like in the coming days, “something” came to me.  It was a simple thought.  You need to live in Lexington.  Simple as that.  But not so simple for me.  Rooted describes how I live in a place.  Henry County has been my home for 37 years.  That’s a lot of roots!

I can’t describe the weight of that simple thought.  It had enough pull that I gave it my attention.  There are lots of good reasons for Lexington.  But I’ve lived in the country for the last 37 years!  I have a son and granddaughter there, but then I have a son and two grandsons in Henry County.  There are places to eat, things to see and do.  My business is based in Henry County and Louisville.  At my age I can attend the University of Kentucky at absolutely no charge.  I can sit in my backyard and hear nothing but the birds and critters.  As foreign as it sounded to me, I needed to step out of my solitude.  Wherever that thought came from, I needed it.

A plan formed.  I would find a small house in Lexington, and for the time being, I would live both places.  I would work in Henry County and play in Lexington.  People have second homes, although they are usually by the ocean, or a lake, or in the mountains.  My vacation home would be in the city.The Dudley HouseMy house in the city – The Dudley House.  It was hard to find, and has been a journey making it livable.  I rang in the New Year in the Dudley House.  Well, if you can call being asleep long before midnight ringing in.  Soon I’ll be telling you all about it and sharing photos of the makeover things I’ve done.  Can I see the future clearly?   Of course not, but there’s a twinkle in my eyes.



A Year of Thought

For almost a year, I have been in thought.


It hasn’t been that I was unhappy or sad — well, of course, I was sad some days, but not all days.  A fog surrounded me.  I did my regular things in a fog.  I thought that if it were not for the fog, I could think more clearly.  I thought about it.  And when I finally put my finger on it, I realized that joy was missing.  I thought I might never feel it again.  What would life look like?  I thought about it.

I felt that I needed a plan for the future.  And I thought about it.  I sat outside this summer enjoying the quiet and the solitude; nothing but birds chirping and my thoughts.  What would the next phase of my life look like?  I thought about it.  I couldn’t picture it, unless it was a continuation of my routines, work, etc.  I would continue to exist.

As the fog cleared, I realized that I want to live, not just exist.  That I need to create this next phase of my life.  Can I picture it?  No.  But I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, and I’m determined to live.  A year is long enough to think about it.

Exploring and trying new things are filling my days.  Getting back to writing on this blog is part of my exploration.  My heart is aflutter.  I can hardly wait to share with you all of the things that I’m doing.