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How is it you’re not here?


How is it that you’re not here?  Of course my intellect knows — you have passed.

But me, I don’t understand how it can be.

You were here doing everyday things.  All of your stuff is here.

Your van sits in the driveway.  Still full of firewood, your gator sits in the garage.

I look in your closet, and I can even smell you.

How is it that you’re not here?

Your body came back on an airplane.  I saw it.

I held your hand until it warmed up in mine.

I know you are dead.

Everything here looks so ordinary and as it should be.

I went to Sanibel Island and walked the beach.

Your memories were everywhere, but I was alone.

In a moment that I wasn’t aware, everything changed.

How did it happen that you’re not here?