You are getting very sleepy…

How do I get off of this runaway train called cortisol?  Stress isn’t something new to me.  I’ve had my share of stressful times throughout the years.  But afterwards, I relax and my body gets back to homeostasis.  Homeostasis, that place where all is well within.  Somehow, I have crossed a line and I can’t get back.  The stress trigger comes and goes, but I remain hyped.  In my heart, I believe that meditation is a big part of my answer.  Books, CDs and downloads galore!  My attempts have been unsuccessful.

Being one to always look for a shortcut, I came up with hypnotism.  Simple.  Go to a hypnotherapist, be hypnotized and viola’ I can relax enough begin a meditation practice.  sleepy blogAfter googling (what did we do before google??) “hypnotherapist + Louisville”, I was on my way to a consult to discuss my options.  She did a little test to see how susceptible I am to hypnosis.  Seems I need to do several weeks of relaxing meditation at home before I can be hypnotized.  Can you believe it?  So much for shortcuts.  Need a plan B.


  1. Now that’s pretty bad when you’re too jacked up to be hypnotized!

  2. Listen to a few more of those continuing education webinars. That ought to do it. 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about that cortisol train. I’ve been there, which is the impetus to reach out & send you a cyber hug & a possibility of reclaiming your energy- & making friends with it, so to speak. I’m reading a book by Pamela Grout called E squared… it’s a simple book that delves into energy & how we can become the master of our reality. Quantum physics made simple. The book itself, so far, is nothing new in terms of information, but the exercises are succinct little science experiements & call forth a level of awareness- which is key to getting a handle on just about anything. so instead of thinking of meditation as something you can only do while sitting on a cushion, eyes closed, soft music…. think of it as a practice of awareness & reflection of energy- without judgement. It might be helpful. Hope you feel better soon! xo

    • Thank you so much for reaching out, Cricket. I had not heard of Pamela Grout and E squared — but it’s on my ipad now!! I’m so excited to read it. Energy fields have me fascinated, and just last week I was thinking that I really need to do some reading in quantum physics. Thank you again. xoxo

  4. So sorry to hear u r that stressed! So any ideas for ur plan B?

  5. Ha ha! You’re funny!

  6. I’m a Diploma (with Distinction) qualified Hypnotherapist, and I’m here to tell you that you are in and out of hypnotic trance states many times during an average day : ) When you are in the shower and your thinking drifts to daydreaming, when your washing the dishes… and off you go again, when you are driving a long distance on a highway and suddenly there is your turn off and you’ve (almost) been somewhere else – we call that Highway Hypnosis. Completely natural for us to move through alpha – theta brainwave stages.

    Here’s a link to a book with CD you can try that will take you into a very relaxed state:

    He’s got a great voice. I’m sure it could work for you too!

    Blessings of harmony,
    Cat x

    • Cat, you continually amaze me with all the things you do. I have to admit that I over-simplified the conversation with the hypnotherapist. She also explained what you are saying. I have a little book on stress which has a CD with it. I’m going to try it today. I looked up your book with CD and was ready to buy it when I remembered that UK CDs won’t play in the US. So, I’ll see how mine does today.

      • Hi again Constance,

        : )

        A UK CD not playing in the States?? No way… Are you sure you’re not meaning DVD’s (region 1 = USA/Canada, Region 2 = Europe/UK) as in :PAL / NTSC coding.

        That link I gave you is for getting that title through Amazon US… and I’ve certainly never had any trouble playing audio CD’s I’ve gotten from the USA on my stereo…

        Mr McKenna is living over there with you guys (in L.A.) so his CD should work over there – like he does!

        C x

  7. Love the drawing. This post is perfect for me today since I’m in need of de-stressing. Things to do during a government shutdown: meditate.

  8. I have a similar problem,my doctor says that I am too stressed and this affects my hormones too much.Although I am just 41, I have the hormone level of a woman at least 10 years older and the doctor says most of it it’s because I am overstressed. But being hypnotised isn’t an option for me unfortunately.


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