Curse or Blessing?

Recently I was moaning about the due date of corporations with extensions.  After working on them continuously for several weeks, I gave a big sigh of relief on the due date.  A friend said to me, “Well, at least you’re finished until next April.”  Whoa! What?

due dates blogUpcoming due dates started zipping through my head.  Individuals with extensions – due October 15th.  3rd quarter payroll tax reports – due October 31st.  Fiscal year trusts – due December 15th.  A CPA lives for due dates of which April 15th is just the most infamous.

The curse of accountants!  Woe is me.  But is it really?  After adequately consoling myself over my dire due date plight, I started thinking.  It might be tough at times, but I get those corporate tax returns done on time.  I get those individual tax returns done on time.  I get the payroll taxes done on time.  What would happen if I didn’t have due dates?

Take my personal life.  I have the same seemingly endless to do lists, but I don’t get as many of the items marked off.  Every new to do list always starts with all those unfinished items.  Some items I give up on after a couple of years and let them fade into the land of the undone.

The land of the Undone.  I imagined a fantasy world with no due dates for accountants.  I imagined piles and piles of unfinished tax returns.  Old years mixed with new years.  Individual tax returns mixed with payroll tax returns.  How would I manage my time?  How would I even get started on them?  I would be too overwhelmed.  Every distraction calling my name; anything to get away from the chaos.  Nothing would get done.  Then it hit me.  Sadly, my professional life would be just like my personal life.

From this flight of imagination, I’m disappointed in myself that I’m so dependent on external due dates.  How can I take those accountant due dates so seriously, and not the things that need to be done in my personal life?  This is an area that I really need to give some thought — ha, put that on the to do list.  Yes, I’m putting it on “sixty-four” to do list!  I would love to hear how you keep yourself on track.

So, when the next accountant deadline draws near, I’m going to thank my lucky stars that I have a due date!


  1. Um…yeah…I got nothin’.

  2. Not sure. I do know what up the more I have to do the more I get done. Does that help?

  3. I was the same way with my business. The deadlines were never missed. Now that I have none, my to do lists have become suggestions, not things that HAVE to be done. I feel your pain.

  4. It’s not the due date that gets you going, it’s the penalty and interest and aggravation you would have to deal with if you turned it in late! Don’t be so hard on yourself, everyone is the same. We all work better under pressure.

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