A Standby by any Name

When this was published in the First Baptist Church’s cookbook in 1984, I probably knew the term “quiche”.  But when I developed this recipe, I didn’t have a clue; and so, I kept the original title of Ham and Cheese Pie.


Like most of my favorite recipes, it came about for a reason — mainly to use up leftovers from the refrigerator.  This most forgiving recipe was a family favorite over the years regardless of the assortments of cheeses and the bits and pieces of leftover ham.

More than thirty years later, it is still a favorite standby.  I continue to be amazed at what all you can put in it.  Spinach is, I think, the best addition to the recipe that I’ve made over the years.


Isn’t it bewildering that a huge package of baby spinach sauteed becomes less than a cup?  I’m surprised every time!


Sauteed Shitake mushroom are also a wonderful addition.  Thirty years ago, you wouldn’t have found Shitake mushrooms at the grocery store; probably wouldn’t have found fresh baby spinach either.


And prosciutto instead of ham.  No longer a leftover creation, but you get the idea.  You can add most anything!

pie slice

Serve with fresh fruits or a green salad, and you have a delicious meal whether you call it quiche or Ham and Cheese Pie.


  1. Looks delicious…by any name!

  2. I fixed this for Hiram last night and he loved it! The smell of it cooking brought back some great childhood memories : )

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