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Repetition is Not Failure

A devotional book is invariably beside my bed.  Most nights I read a bit to clear my mind of the bedlam of the day.  I’ve found that this small dose of inspiration helps me to get a better night’s rest.  Currently on my nightstand is The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have (Gift Edition) by Mark Nepo.  I have to say, Oprah can certainly pick books!

book of awakening

There are a couple of blog challenges coming up in October.  Great time to concentrate of at least one of my struggles — stress.  Then I thought why?  I struggle with the same things over and over, and  never seem to learn.  October is a busy month, but isn’t every month.  As I was beating myself up, I remembered a passage I read a couple of days ago in The Book of Awakening.  It gives me comfort and hope.  Maybe if you’re in need, it will also touch you.

“There is no expected pace for inner learning.  What we need to learn comes when we need it, no matter how old or young, no matter how many times we have to start over, no matter how many times we have to learn the same lesson.  We fall down as many times as we need to, to learn how to fall and get up.  We fall in love as many times as we need to, to learn how to hold and be held.  We misunderstand the many voices of truth as many times as we need to, to truly hear the choir of diversity that surrounds us.  We suffer our pain as often as is necessary for us to learn how to break and how to heal.  No one really likes this, of course, but we deal with our dislike in the same way, again and again, until we learn what we need to know about the humility of acceptance.”

So, I’m in for two blog challenges in October, BlogtoberFest 2013 and  31 Days.

All of my posts for the 31 days challenge will be listed here (updated each day):

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1. You’re here!

2. You are getting very sleepy

3. Stress Reduction CD

4. Massage


6. –

7.  Mind on my Brain







Curse or Blessing?

Recently I was moaning about the due date of corporations with extensions.  After working on them continuously for several weeks, I gave a big sigh of relief on the due date.  A friend said to me, “Well, at least you’re finished until next April.”  Whoa! What?

due dates blogUpcoming due dates started zipping through my head.  Individuals with extensions – due October 15th.  3rd quarter payroll tax reports – due October 31st.  Fiscal year trusts – due December 15th.  A CPA lives for due dates of which April 15th is just the most infamous.

The curse of accountants!  Woe is me.  But is it really?  After adequately consoling myself over my dire due date plight, I started thinking.  It might be tough at times, but I get those corporate tax returns done on time.  I get those individual tax returns done on time.  I get the payroll taxes done on time.  What would happen if I didn’t have due dates?

Take my personal life.  I have the same seemingly endless to do lists, but I don’t get as many of the items marked off.  Every new to do list always starts with all those unfinished items.  Some items I give up on after a couple of years and let them fade into the land of the undone.

The land of the Undone.  I imagined a fantasy world with no due dates for accountants.  I imagined piles and piles of unfinished tax returns.  Old years mixed with new years.  Individual tax returns mixed with payroll tax returns.  How would I manage my time?  How would I even get started on them?  I would be too overwhelmed.  Every distraction calling my name; anything to get away from the chaos.  Nothing would get done.  Then it hit me.  Sadly, my professional life would be just like my personal life.

From this flight of imagination, I’m disappointed in myself that I’m so dependent on external due dates.  How can I take those accountant due dates so seriously, and not the things that need to be done in my personal life?  This is an area that I really need to give some thought — ha, put that on the to do list.  Yes, I’m putting it on “sixty-four” to do list!  I would love to hear how you keep yourself on track.

So, when the next accountant deadline draws near, I’m going to thank my lucky stars that I have a due date!

A Standby by any Name

When this was published in the First Baptist Church’s cookbook in 1984, I probably knew the term “quiche”.  But when I developed this recipe, I didn’t have a clue; and so, I kept the original title of Ham and Cheese Pie.


Like most of my favorite recipes, it came about for a reason — mainly to use up leftovers from the refrigerator.  This most forgiving recipe was a family favorite over the years regardless of the assortments of cheeses and the bits and pieces of leftover ham.

More than thirty years later, it is still a favorite standby.  I continue to be amazed at what all you can put in it.  Spinach is, I think, the best addition to the recipe that I’ve made over the years.


Isn’t it bewildering that a huge package of baby spinach sauteed becomes less than a cup?  I’m surprised every time!


Sauteed Shitake mushroom are also a wonderful addition.  Thirty years ago, you wouldn’t have found Shitake mushrooms at the grocery store; probably wouldn’t have found fresh baby spinach either.


And prosciutto instead of ham.  No longer a leftover creation, but you get the idea.  You can add most anything!

pie slice

Serve with fresh fruits or a green salad, and you have a delicious meal whether you call it quiche or Ham and Cheese Pie.