Baking and decorating a birthday cake is a once a year activity for me, but so much fun.  This is my fifth year of baking a birthday cake for my granddaughter Lucy.  The tradition started with a “Henry” cake when she was three.

lucy 3

And here’s a blog post that I did about her fifth birthday.

Usually Lucy makes a request for what she wants for her birthday cake.  No indications this year.  I thought about just doing a “pretty” cake for her seventh birthday.  Wanting something more unique, I decided to try to capture Minecraft.  If you’re not in the know, Minecraft is a computer game (computer, iphone, ipad, etc.) that has captured the attention of kids from a young age on up.  I confess that I’m lost in the game with Lucy usually leading me around — you can be in the same game on different devices.  Really pretty cool.  You would have to be familiar with the game to recognize the features that I tried to put into the cake.


Lucy was happy with it which is what counts.

Lucy 7

As a side note, see the figure on the cake.  The game always has the same figure, Steve.  No girls.  Well at least on device versions.  So, Lucy composed a letter to Mojang the Minecraft developers requesting a girl figure.  We’ll see if they respond.


  1. Very nice Connie! I’ll be doing a hot wheels cake for Josh in September, and Hannah hasn’t decided what she wants for hers in Nov. but they’ve never heard of Minecraft, so I know it won’t be that! I dread the day when they won’t want me to do it anymore!

  2. That came out awesome, Connie! I can’t wait to hear about the response from the Minecraft team ;). Keep us posted!

  3. What a creative journey you are on…your many talents never cease to amaze me, Connie!

  4. That is so great, Connie! You are a woman of many talents! And Lucy is beautiful.

  5. Very creative Connie! She looks so grown up!

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