“Make A List – You’ll Feel Better”

When I started this Living Within Your Harvest blog, I planned to do some office product reviews.  After all, office products are so near and dear to my heart.  I’ve fallen short.  Then I fell in love with some new products, and I have to share them with you.  I first saw them at Barnes and Noble — couldn’t make a decision on which ones to get.  Then saw them at a little local store, 1887 Corner Store in La Grange.  It was a sign — I needed them.

Knock Knock proclaims they are “ardent supporters of the No. 2 pencil since 2002.”  They have the funniest (and some very useful) pads, sticky notes, journals, etc.   Here are two that I purchased.


Being a practical sort of person, I stuck with useful business pads.  You can’t have too many “to do” lists, and this one even has an “all done” check box at the bottom.  Wonder if I’ll ever be checking that box!  The other is a decision pad.  When people ask my advice on a decision, I always tell them to make a list of the pros and cons.  This little “make a decision” pad has a place for everything.  Best-case scenario, worst-case scenario, gut feelings — it has it all.  They say it will “reduce your chances of regret by more than 83.4 percent.”  Maybe I should use it to decide how much more Knock Knock stuff I should buy.

They have several post it note pads.  Here’s one I couldn’t resist.  I’ll use it on client copies of responses to the IRS, but I’m sure there are lots of other uses.


If you love office products half as much as I do, I promise you’ll enjoy a trip to their website.   I would love to hear which of their products caught your fancy.


  1. You know I love office/school/paper supplies/products/cool stuff!!! Thanks!! xoxo

  2. I saw these the other day in our local Barnes and Noble…they are a crack up!

  3. Hi Constance:
    Thanks for sharing this website. Some really fun stuff! Thanks for sharing. Hope you don’t mind if I keep the website in mind to share on my blog at some point.


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