Blooming White

I was looking about the yard today and noticed that most plants blooming were blooming white.  Grabbed my camera because I knew I had a post for my friend Lori’s May Flower challenge.  I participated last year if you count doing one post on the very last day.  Day 17 – so I have lots more chances this year.

See how many of my white blooms you can identify with only a photo and a little hint.  Answers will be at the end of the post — I don’t want anyone overwhelmed with curiosity.

aa.  a common summer garden plant.

bb.  when these bloom, you know it’s Derby time.

cc.  blooms before her big sister.

dd.  love the leaves in my scrambled eggs.

ee.  a old fashioned favorite from the viburnum family.

ff.  you may have sucked on the bloom for nectar as a child.

gg.  goes well with strawberries.

hh. makes a yummy cobbler.

ii.  unless you’re looking for fence posts, this is the only time of the year this tree is attractive.

Wow, don’t I have a lot of white in my yard.  I wonder if nature starts us out with white to get us ready for the dazzling colors of summer.

Here are the answers:

a. Geranium  b. Azalea  c. Sweetbay Magnolia  d. Common Thyme  e. Snowball bush  f. Honeysuckle  g. Rhubarb  h. Blackberry  i. Honey Locust

How many did you get?


  1. So, 5 out of 9 isn’t bad. Beautiful photos. I’m so glad that you joined in and shared the lovely blooms that are happening in your world. xo

  2. That was fun!! You got me on the Honey Locust. I don’t think we have those in the Northwest. I have enjoyed reading the May Flower challenge and perhaps I’ll make it by the last day!

    By the way, I was born in Athens, Georgia and my mother grew up in Forsyth county. It seems like I am now living about a million miles from my southern roots. So it is especially nice to find someone with a real magnolia tree!!

    • Thanks for visiting, Ruth. I’m actually from Georgia myself, although I live in Kentucky now. Please do join Lori’s Flower Challenge. I look forward to seeing some NW flowers.

  3. Bren Woodruff says:

    I love white gardens because they are beautiful in the moonlight.

  4. Very cool…I knew about 4 or 5….beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Beautiful series of images of gorgeous blooms. I did a flower series back in my spring. Such a lovely thing to do and lovely to see in my autumn. Thanks

  6. Wow, your yard must be GORGEOUS!!! I admit I didn’t try to guess, although I did know some of them. I just enjoyed the beauty of all those white flowers!!

  7. Except for the Magnolia, I was WAY off! How fun to try and guess though. Just a pleasant and relaxing post to read today. Wish it was possible to actually smell them through the screen — I love the scent of Honeysuckle on a hot day.

  8. Jennifer Black says:

    I just happened on your site and find it a delightful mix and love the domain name! I am a bookkeeper that was in Marietta GA but now is living in the foothills of North Carolina! And I love eating local!

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