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I have been flipping and dreaming through Kris Carr’s new cookbook since it was published.  Crazy Sexy Kitchen: 150 Plant-Empowered Recipes to Ignite a Mouthwatering Revolution is not only filled with yummy, healthy dishes, but the plating is elegant and the photography is beautiful.  Have I mentioned that food photography is something I want to study?  Add that to my ever growing list.  If you’re not familiar with Kris Carr, check her out here.

My daughter, Stefanie has been a vegetarian for over twelve years and is now mostly vegan.  When she came to visit, I pulled out the Kris Carr cookbook, and we, along with my son Matt (omnivore), went to work.

crab cakes

Hearts-of-palm style Crab Cakes with Remoulade.  I have been salivating over this recipe.  I love crab cakes, but worry about that “bottom feeder” thing.  I love hearts of palm.  And next to bearnaise sauce, remoulade is my favorite.  We couldn’t go wrong with this recipe.   It was definitely a winner!  Check it out on page 151.  Even if you don’t make the crab cakes, the sauce is worth it as a healthier version of remoulade.  As for the photography, I’m not happy with the parsley placement.  When everyone is ready to eat, staging takes a backseat.  And who knew smearing sauce is so difficult?


Isn’t this a gorgeous dish!  Beetroot Ravioli with cashew cream cheese, page 193.  Not only is this delight vegan, but it’s also raw.  All this wonderful color must be good for you.  I had my doubts about making cream cheese from cashews.  Yet is was very tasty, and even more so the next day.  Red stained fingers were the only downside to eating this recipe.  Probably a small price for the health benefits.  By the way, that’s shaved raw asparagus tossed with olive oil and lemon juice on the side.

I could eat this way every day.  So, what stops me?  One is simply the learning curve of new recipes and new ingredients.  I can’t say time, because these recipes usually take no longer than the conventional versions.  Although I could open a package of cream cheese quicker than I could soak cashews and grind them.  But the biggest deterrent to healthy eating for me?


Anyone recognize these fellows?  They are “in season” right now.



  1. Looks a whole lot like Easter pastel peanut m&ms…I am so ashamed that I know that.

  2. Not sure what they are but since Janet mention m&m’s that sounds like a good guess. The photos here are delicious, they really make you want to make you try those recipes out.

  3. Cant be some sort of those Cadbury eggs? With the little “egg yolk” center? I’m not a candy girl, throw me the chips anytime! I LOVE Kris cookbook. Our family fave is the vegan chili. I made it for our couples bunco group, a notorious bunch of carnivores, and they gobbled it up! No one even knew there wasn’t any meat. So, now I have to try out the crab cake recipe!

  4. If they are not peanut M & Ms then I will guess malted milk eggs.

  5. Those vegan crab cakes look delicious! I must get that book…thanks for the heads up. I have been transitioning from pescetarian to vegetarian and now I’m mostly vegan. 🙂

  6. Love your blog — and love Kris Carr. Her Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips book helped me get through a pretty low time when my husband was getting chemo and radiation.

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