Sailing along

First assignment in Life Book 2013. The example was a car traveling along a road. Flowers along side the road were intentions for the new year. Clouds were good things in the present. The cloud part I got. My green watercolors mixed with the  blue sky, and the landscape turned a blueish green. Even Kentucky Bluegrass isn’t this blue. Nothing to do but change it into a water scene. And there you have me sailing along. No, putting my face in the picture wasn’t my idea. How fun is this!

Life book blog 1

What fascinated me the most was a salt technique.  While the watercolors were wet, I sprinkled on table salt.  Sorry, not my idea.  I love the things that happened.

Life book blog 2

What a perfect ocean bottom.

Life book blog 3

Look at the different patterns in the sky.  Of course, I had absolutely no control over the patterns.  But sometimes no control is a good thing.  Can’t wait to try more new things!


  1. Brenda Woodruff says:

    I’m impressed!

  2. Hi Constance:
    I am new to your blog. Just came across it on BBTL. What a fun idea for a blog! LOVE the title and header! I just “liked” you so that I can get updates! Looking forward to seeing what you post next!
    Best Wishes,
    Amy Kathleen

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