Playing with Crayons

I’m having a new adventure in my creative journey, Life Book 2013.   Last year on Facebook I watched all year as pictures were posted from Life Book 2012, and I wanted to be a part of it.  This year I am.  Life Book is the creation of Tamara Laporte, a mixed media artist.  To loosen everyone up a bit, especially the newbies like myself, her first assignment was to create a “fairy godmother or father” that would say sweet and encouraging things to you all  year.  I didn’t venture too far from her tutorial since the neocolor II watersoluble crayons are new to me.  How fun is this sweet, little art fairy!

Fairy blog

I struggle with just sitting and playing with crayons.  I should qualify that with “sitting alone”, since I love any sort of art project with my granddaughter!  But surely there is something more important I could be doing.  That’s why MY art fairy is telling me, “Playing with crayons is NOT wasting time.”


  1. Good for you! I’m having a hard time getting into 2013! I’m hoping to start the lesson on Monday.

  2. I was the EXACT same way Connie. Last year I wanted so badly to be a part of Life Book and this year…I am so happy I took the plunge with you. My Fairy Art Mother sits happily on my desk starring up at me and helping to turn all my negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

  3. She’s adorable! Feeding your soul is never a waste of time! And after crunching all those numbers all the time, yours is probably really hungry!! Feed her!

    xoxo L

  4. Connie, how wonderful that you’ve devoted time to be creative to 2013 and now you have a wonderful reminder to sit beside you! Enjoy your time.

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