Perfection and Procrastination

Perfection is an invited, but unwanted guest in my life.  This certainly isn’t to say that I accomplish perfect things.  It’s just that crippling sense of it isn’t the right time, maybe I could do it better tomorrow, when I have more time, more stuff.  I don’t have the time to make it perfect, so I just won’t do it.  Obviously fits right in with my other malady of procrastination.  Yes, perfection and procrastination are quite the team.  Oh, what I could do without those P’s in my life!  I would certainly be blogging more if I didn’t have to wait for the perfect time to do it.  It’s a daily struggle, but I do believe that I’m slowing getting better at ignoring these thoughts.

Every year I do less and less at Christmas.  This year was especially a bah-humbug sort of year with me wanting to do nothing.  I jumped at the opportunity to have my granddaughter, Lucy help decorate the Christmas tree.  We were getting the decorations out, and Lucy wanted to put on the bead garland.  Whoa!  That’s not easy.  This year I hushed that nasty P word, and said, go for it.

Why not get creative with garland and have it take a few twists?

Is it really set in stone that garland is draped around the tree?  Vertical has it’s appeal.

If that slippery garland is getting away from you, just give it a few wraps.

It was a wonderful day.  Just me and Lucy having fun with no P’s in sight.



  1. It sounds wonderful – perhaps a P for peaceful?

  2. I know those P’s intimately and have to argue with them almost everyday. I’m thinking I may gag them so they can’t speak for 2013…

  3. I can feel your pain here! It is hard to step back and just ENJOY the experience. But you seem to have done this with your granddaughter, how wonderful. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

  4. Brenda Woodruff says:

    Love, it, Connie! Beautiful work on the tree. After all those years of believing perfection was the only way to do any project, my grands have taught me that the value is in the time spent together, rather than in the stress of perfection in the final project . (If only I had realized that when my girls were small, we would have all been much happier, especially at Christmas time!)

    Happy New Year to one of my favorite people! By the way, procrastination is the reason my tree is still up….that and the perfection that drives me to be certain that each ornament is properly wrapped and stored away in its “correct” box for year…a project that I think only I can do properly. As you can see, Connie, your post have given me much to work on in this new year.

    • You’re right, Brenda. Grandchildren do make you aware how precious time with them is. My tree is still up, but it isn’t perfection with putting it away that has slowed me down. It’s procrastination. Period. Tomorrow is the day. 🙂

      And a very Happy New Year to you, my dear, dear friend.

  5. i love how joyful the freedom
    to let go and let it be….trusting the outcome
    to love and wisdom:)
    wonderful post….thanks.


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