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Perfection and Procrastination

Perfection is an invited, but unwanted guest in my life.  This certainly isn’t to say that I accomplish perfect things.  It’s just that crippling sense of it isn’t the right time, maybe I could do it better tomorrow, when I have more time, more stuff.  I don’t have the time to make it perfect, so I just won’t do it.  Obviously fits right in with my other malady of procrastination.  Yes, perfection and procrastination are quite the team.  Oh, what I could do without those P’s in my life!  I would certainly be blogging more if I didn’t have to wait for the perfect time to do it.  It’s a daily struggle, but I do believe that I’m slowing getting better at ignoring these thoughts.

Every year I do less and less at Christmas.  This year was especially a bah-humbug sort of year with me wanting to do nothing.  I jumped at the opportunity to have my granddaughter, Lucy help decorate the Christmas tree.  We were getting the decorations out, and Lucy wanted to put on the bead garland.  Whoa!  That’s not easy.  This year I hushed that nasty P word, and said, go for it.

Why not get creative with garland and have it take a few twists?

Is it really set in stone that garland is draped around the tree?  Vertical has it’s appeal.

If that slippery garland is getting away from you, just give it a few wraps.

It was a wonderful day.  Just me and Lucy having fun with no P’s in sight.


Salisbury Cathedral

I fell in love with Salisbury Cathedral long before I saw it in person.  If you haven’t read Ken’s Follett’s book, The Pillars of the Earth, then you have a good read awaiting you.  The Pillars of the Earth is like a Gone with the Wind set in medieval times.  It takes you back in time to the 1200’s when the Salisbury Cathedral was built; and it takes you back with lots of drama.

My first trip to Salisbury Cathedral was in 2003.  We spent a week in a flat on St. Ann’s Street just a block or so from the Cathedral Close.  This November we spent another week on St. Ann’s Street even closer to the Cathedral.  There have also been several day trips to visit between 2003 and now.  Needless to say, I’ve seen a lot of this Cathedral.  But I never tire of it.

It was built in just 38 years (1220-1258) and therefore is unique in that it is of one architectural style, early English Gothic.  An amazing feat!

The spire (tallest in the United Kingdom) and tower were added fifty years later.  In 2003, my daughter and I were visiting Old Sarum several miles outside of town.  We missed the last bus back to town, but were able to find our way back to St. Ann’s Street guided by the towering spire, just like it guided the pilgrims for centuries.

As you walk through the cloister, calm fills your soul.  It’s is my favorite place.

I’m fascinated with doors, and this is a great one.  So much to see at the Cathedral without even stepping inside.  However, I’ve never been able to capture on camera what awaits you inside.  You’ll just have to see it for yourself.