Wanting What You Don’t Have

I love my bathtub.  It’s everything I could want in a bathing experience.  Why?  I planned it that way, and Sanctuary Homes perfectly built it.  It’s a long, deep tub – long enough for me to slip under the water.  No jets or whirls.  A full tub of hot water with a cup of espom salts and a good squirt of Seven Wonders Oil, a dark room except for the warm glow from lit lavender candles, a cool glass of iced water and dreamy piano music playing makes for a most relaxing soak.  An experience I dreamed of for years.

You see, for sixteen years I didn’t have a bathtub.  And I longed for one.

I grew up taking baths; we didn’t have a shower in the house.  I spent hours in the tub playing with my Sea Hunt submarine, ordered from a cereal box.  My first shower was at FHA camp; I hardly knew what to do.  And then at college my first year, we had a shower room which was a rude awakening.  There was also one bathtub which was in the main part of the bathroom.  Everyone walking in saw you bathing.  Either way, there wasn’t much room for modesty.  Those were the last baths I took.  I became a showering person.

In 1990 we moved to a big ,old house with only one bathroom and a small half bath.  When it came making the bathroom usable, I decided who needs a bathtub.  I’m a showering person, we’re all showering people!  And there began the longing.  I would see people enjoying a bath on television, in magazines.  I would hear friends talk of relaxing in their tubs.  I wanted a tub.  With all my heart, I wanted to soak in a tub.  I moaned about it so much that friends were inviting me over to bathe in their tubs.  But it just wouldn’t have been the same.  I wanted a tub.  For sixteen years, I wanted a tub.  Although, I do have to admit that for a while after the movie, “What Lies Beneath” came out, a bathtub wasn’t appealing.

With all those years of longing, you would think that I would use my tub daily.  Life is fast; showers are fast.  Tubs are slow.  Sometimes slow is just what you need.



  1. I started laughing when I read your reference to “What Lies Beneath.” I remember that day vividly… I had bruises on my arm because you kept grabbing it during the entire movie. And then the really scary scene… when you nearly ended up jumping into my lap. I felt sorry for the people sitting around us : ) For the sake of your fellow movie watcher’s, please refrain from ever watching scary movies again.

  2. I can identify with the bath – when I started having migraines in college – I couldn’t bear for water to hit my head and i started back taking bath – which I continue to do 35 years later. In fact, I start almost every day with a bath and a book – I try to read before getting ready for work – but it desperately needs to be refinished – paint and bathing dogs has taken it’s toll – refinishing it is going to be my gift to myself at Christmas or tax time – as well as putting a sink in my studio to keep paint out of my tub!

    • I wish I could be as committed to bathing (as opposed to showering!) as you are. And if I started a book in the morning, I wouldn’t get anything done. You must be much more disciplined than me.

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