A Different View of a Favorite

I think falling in love with the Magnolia is a part of growing up in the south.  No tree is more beautiful and breath-taking than a Magnolia grandiflora in full bloom.  West Georgia College (now known as the University of West Georgia) had a grove of these southern magnolias on the front campus — right is front of my dorm.  Late spring the fragrance would fill the air!

Since I moved to Kentucky, I’ve tried to bring my magnolias with me.  It’s a struggle with Kentucky’s unpredictable weather, but I haven’t given up.  My last magnolia was planted in New Castle, and moved with me six years ago.  I am thankful every spring when winter is past and it continues to live.

There is more beauty to a Southern Magnolia than those glossy, green leaves and huge, fragrant blooms.  Inside the white flower is the beginnings of a seed pod.  How unusual and funky is this?

In late summer and early fall, the pedals long gone, a tight pod takes the show.  Lovely in it’s own right with the palest hint of red.


When these tight fruits dry, two seeded red fruits appear.

So much beauty that is hardly ever noticed.

I think the love of magnolias is rooted in my southern heritage.  I now have another “tree love” that has been an acquired fondness.  I’ll share it with you in a later post.


  1. Darius Keith says:

    My favorite encounter with the Magnolia was while I was stationed at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL between ’67 & ’70. The base was “great duty”, Air War College, the USAF elite training center for high ranking officers on the “fast track”. Also, we were the Allied Officers training center for the USAF. The base was great, the town,… not so sweet. But, I do recall on a couple of occasions visiting the Alabama state capitol building, on a rise at the end of Monroe Street. The coolest thing was the “God knows how many years old” Magnolias all encircling the capitol building. Those were huge majestic trees and the heady fragrance of the blossoms were to the point of being dizzing!

  2. I am still a newbie to the South, even though I’ve been here for 15 years now, and I have come to love the Magnolia. One of my favorites here. As a matter of fact I’ve done a painting of the majestic flower that is on display at the State Capital in Georgia currently. But I have to admit I didn’t realize the details about the seed pod and how it changes throughout the season. Thanks for sharing that info and for the lovely photos!!

  3. Love the magnolias! I used to be a floral designer and the boss had a magnolia tree in her front yard. Folks would call for a basket…say for $50 and she would shout to the back… shove in a few roses, take a stick and some magnolia leaves, hit them with the gold spray paint an turn that $35 basket into a $50. Hilarious!

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