Is another road bike a crazy idea?

This past week I’ve been back to riding my bicycle, my clunky fold up bicycle — an easy six mile ride on a fairly level bike path.  But I’ve been thinking about my road bike.  I purchased it eleven years ago after having not been on a bicycle for years, many years.  Part of my new adventurous attitude at the time — or it could have been a midlife crisis sort of thing.  I remember trying it out for size at the bike store after work one day — a quick ride around the little parking lot, wearing heels and with my skirt tied in a knot to keep it out of the chain.  I’m sure the sales boy was thinking midlife crisis.

To give you an idea of how into “it” I was, those were my favorite biking shirts.  It was a red, white and blue Trek.  It sat in my hallway for about a week before I ventured out on it.  My first trip around the neighborhood, and my thought was, “I’ve made a BIG mistake.”  But I stayed with it, and came to love the feeling of flying.  I wish I had a picture of my bike.  It was stolen a few years ago, and I didn’t replace it.

My children worried about my biking trips.  I think it wasn’t so much that they worried that I would get killed on the road, it was that I would get killed on the road wearing spandex!  Notice the shirt brand — Shebeest.  I thought I was a “she beast” riding a 100 plus miles a week.  For the sake of speed, I even overcame my fear (a BIG fear for me) and used clip on pedals.  I was sure that I was going to come to a stop, not be able to unlock my shoes and just fall over.  It never happened.

But life happened.  And I didn’t ride as much.  Then I didn’t ride at all.  Years have gone by, and now I’m thinking I need a road bike.  Crazy idea?


  1. Not crazy at all!

  2. My husband has a road & got me a hybrid that I have just started using the clips with. I am too chicken (& not fast enough) to ride with him, so I have a 5 mile loop I can do in our subdivision. I never understood his addiction to it until I tried it. I think you should go for it…and cute shirts, btw!

  3. meant to say “road bike” not road!

  4. Go for it…. sans the spandex : )

  5. Do it! Do it do it do it! I miss my cycling days sooooo much. Roads are impossible where I live now, narrow, twisty little suckers with blind curves and steep hills but I have visions of finding a way and a place to ride again.

    In other words, not a crazy idea. Not crazy at all!

  6. Hey Connie- I say go for it and go with gusto! I tried getting back to biking a few years ago but when I fell off one day,I just gave up after that. I’ll stick to painting!

  7. I love it! Biking is a life-long activity – enjoy it!

  8. I say go for it! If the desire is there it’s time to do it. 🙂
    We are heading out this weekend for our anniversary and I asked my husband if we could bring our bicycles on a rack on his car. I have no clue if we will yet and I haven’t been on a bike in almost 24 years. Last time on, I fell trying to get off when my daughter was only about a year old and she was in a little seat behind me. I scared myself so much that I was never able to ride after that. To be seen how far I will go this weekend. Wishing you many happy and safe miles.

  9. Connie, Sounds like your body is bike-happy one way or another! Always a good idea to be good to our bodies . . .

  10. Connie, I feel it is a great idea! Just think if you were born in ancient times when people had no idea of counting what would have age to do with the yearning? We have complicated things by putting ourselves into time slots. Once you learn the art, you learn it forever so go on the biking trips.

  11. do it!
    you must have some need
    to be zooming:)
    and may i say how GLAD i am
    to have found you and your blog!
    wonderful stuff, this.

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