Asymmetrical Composition

Asymmetrical composition is the first assignment in Claudine Hellmuth’s “Composition for Collage” over at Big Picture Classes.  I love her retro-whimsical style  This is the first piece I created for this assignment.  I think it’s fairly balanced.

Claudine provides downloads of a variety of vintage images.  You could add your own images or items, but I chose to only use what was in the downloads.  Give me too many options and I would never get it done!  It was then just a matter of cutting out some pieces and trying to make an asymmetrical composition.

This one doesn’t seem quite balanced to me.  It definitely needs a splash of color.  But not sure what is needs to balance it out.  Maybe if I lifted the man and clotheslines, and then moved the bicycles a bit to the right.  What do you think?  Wish I had more downloads.  I have to say that I love cutting and pasting.


  1. I love this post! What a fun class you are doing. When I first started school for graphic design, we would have to do these kind of assignments to learn different design theories. Originally, I hated them but I grew to love them and see how fascinating it was to take things that wouldn’t normally seem like they were balanced but they are. I sure wish I could get on your computer LOL! Maybe try decreasing the size of the two on the bike and lifting the clothesline and man up…I think if the two on the bike are smaller, along with the alpha strip under it, it will need to move more to the left to balance since the right side is heavy now…oh, the fun of playing!!

    • Constance Rawlins says:

      Michele, it is a fun class! And I’m really enjoying printing off and playing with all of the elements she provides. Definitely need to lift the man and clothesline. Too bad they are glued down. 🙂

      • LOL. Of course, I’m laughing at myself – not you. In my little digital eyes, I didn’t pick up on the fact they were glued down. I was visualizing myself in Photoshop just pulling them around the screen to fit my fancy:)

  2. Constance, I found both these collages interesting. Though I am intrigued by collages and the process of creating, but I have never tried doing. It seems a bit complex. The first collage made me remember a story idea I wanted to explore.
    The second collage looks similar to a frame from the B/W era of movies. Interesting!

  3. Hi Claudine, nice to meet you here! It seems we both have two things in common, financial backgrounds and creatives ambitions. I like to joke that I use both sides of my brain! ha!
    What a great class this looks like you are taking. I just read about Claudine on another blog recently so it’s funny to bump into her name again. Love what you have done with these asymmetrical collages! I had a question- are you actually printing out the downloads and then using them to create the collages?
    As far as being balanced, I agree with Michele in that I think you need something more to the right side of the composition. What if you just moved the man’s head over to the next dress? Just a suggestion. It’s fun to re-arrange isn’t it!

  4. Hello Constance, I love what you’ve done with both collages. I agree with you for myself, give me too many options and it’ll never get done. lol I agree that the collage on the bottom would look nice with a little bit of colour. Enjoy creating, it looks like a lot of fun. Nice meeting you here.

  5. Constance, Congratulations on pulling your 3 blogs together. I love your your title and tagline and the delicious colors of your apples. They all seem to coherently represent you. I also enjoyed your “About me” with photos from your earlier days. I don’t have comments specifically on your collages–as you can see, I did some wandering!

  6. Hi Constance, I love collage, always so many options. But by asking for opinions, oh man, it’s going to be the too many cooks syndrome. 🙂 That being said, I’ll throw in my two cents. Love the top one. The elements are large and simple and quite well balanced. The second one…hmm… I’m thinking the elements have a sense of disconnection. Perhaps if the clothesline went behind the bicycles that would help tie them together. Perhaps… Well, that’s the beauty and fun of collage, you get to move stuff around.

  7. Fabulous – I’m hell-bent on symmetry for some bizarre reason so for me to venture into asymmetry can be unnerving at times. Loved your post and thanks for sharing your artwork!

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