Remembering Ms. Guinea

Guinea Fowl are strange birds, and I had only seen them in pictures when I decided to buy 45 newly hatched chicks.  A third of them were promised as soon as they arrived.  When they were older, I gifted them until I had six remaining.  A half a dozen guinea happily grazing the yard sounded just right.

And then they were discovered by a Great Horned Owl, and within two weeks I was down to one guinea — Ms. Guinea.  She continued to out-smart the Owl for several months.  Each morning she was outside to greet me and would often sit on my home office window looking in.  Guineas can be loud, and no one came to the house without her alarm sounding.

Last week the Owl won.  Such is nature.  My Texture Tuesday project is a tribute to Ms. Guinea.

This is Kim Klassen’s texture “Felicity”.  One layer at normal 19% and one layer at soft light 100%.


  1. Oh, not only is your photo so nice, I absolutely cherish that quote, one of my saving grace thoughts. I’m so sorry about Ms. Guinea. But that is a lovely tribute!

  2. Beautiful feather picture!!!

  3. I love this – and love the quote, too…a nice memorial with that single beautiful soft feather!

  4. Nice tribute to Ms. Guinea. Again, I’m sorry to hear about this.


  5. What a lovely tribute to Ms Guinea. Love this!

  6. Oh,man…..I was rooting for Ms. Guinea! What a lovely remembrance of your good friend.

    Teresa Erwin

  7. What a fun experience and great art! I love Kim’s classes and your creation is wonderful. Please keep on posting your art!!! xo

  8. Beautiful expression of love for Ms. Guinea.

  9. Your story is sad, but the image is lovely. A beautiful tribute to Ms. Guinea.

  10. Sniff. Now I’m kinda sad. But your art is beautiful!

  11. Awww, so sad to hear of the demise of Ms. Guinea. She was a feisty one to outsmart the owl for so long.

    Congrats on being selected for mentoring in HSHB! I can’t wait to hear your story :o)
    x, Val

  12. Hi, I just found your blog and I’m sorry to hear about your little Ms. Guinea. I know you will miss her. I am captivated with your blogging adventure. I too am a beginner to blogging, but I am having a wonderful time meeting so many creative soul-mates. Your newest follower, Connie :). P.S. Please accept my invitation to visit and follow my blog. I enjoy the camaraderie with other creative women, like myself . . .the sharing of ideas and seeing their projects is so inspiring.

  13. Hi There, I just found you . . . but you are not here . . . keep blogging, your newest follower, Connie 🙂

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