Fly Tribe Get-Together

What an exciting day!  Yesterday in Louisville, I met four fellow classmates from Kelly Rae Roberts e-course “Flying Lessons.”  And what a treat!  Kathleen Conrad, Kelley Miller, Kelly Hoernig and Deborah Eaton were all an absolute delight to meet.  We talked for hours (and I do mean HOURS) about art, life and our journeys.

And if this wasn’t exciting enough, the gifts I received took the experience over the top.

 This beautiful tag came fromKelly Hoernig, and she answered all my questions about her process.

A gorgeous pendant with my word (can you believe it — MY word for 2012!) on it came from Kathleen Conrad.  Of course, I had a ton of questions about her process of using resin which she patiently explained.  A unique reminder to be “organized” in 2012.

Kelley Miller’s work has been a favorite of mine since the beginning of the class, and now I have my own original.

I have been truly blessed by all of the caring souls from this class, and to have been able to meet four of them in person was a memorable experience.  Can’t wait to do it again, and much thanks to these four beautiful souls.


  1. I am soooo jealous!!! You et together sounds great!! Talkin for hours abou art ad friendship- what culd be better??!

  2. Lucky you guys!!!! What fun!!! Happy for you!!!

  3. How fun! I’m so happy for you. You sound very uplifted and inspired.

  4. How wonderful for you and you came away with such wonderful gifts. It is so neat to hear about what is happening with people from our flying class. Happy New Year.

  5. You lucky, lucky ladies!

  6. YAY!! I had so much fun I didnt leave untli almost 2am…lol. Thank you for the gift of your story and your encouragement. You are a delight Connie, and I cant wait to spend more time with you. <3

  7. What Ursula said…I’m happy for you guys, but so sad there is no one anywhere’s near me!

  8. What fun… I am jealous too! I am glad you all got to meet.

  9. It was an incredible day! So very wonderful to meet you. I agree with Kelley, your story was very inspiring. Can’t wait to get together again soon 😀

  10. What a sweet post! It was wonderful meeting you in person – you are such a gracious lady. I will look forward to seeing all that 2012 has in store for you as I join you on your journey!

  11. How lucky! I was wondering how the day went for all of you. I love your pressies, but especially your pendant with your word….very special! Best of luck for the new year! Julie

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