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When I do something creative, I have a plan.  Well, at least, a good idea what I’m going to do.  For Christmas I gave my granddaughter a set of acrylic paints.  Of course, she wanted to try them out immediately — with Grammie.  To my studio — the little yard sale child’s table — we go.  I grabbed a little 5 x 5 canvas that I had previously prepped with some left over aqua paint.  Didn’t want to use up her new canvases.  As she was putting paints on her palette to use, I used them too.  No color choice for me, just what she was using.  No idea.  No theme.  No plan.  Just putting paint on the canvas and totally enjoying being with her.  Today, I added some words.
We were having so much fun that soon I lost my spot at the table to others wanting to join in the creating.  Put the canvases away, and handed out ATC’s along with watercolor pencils.  Everyone wants to create — I think it’s in our nature.



  1. Love it.

  2. I believe that we are all born creative it just gets squelched out of us as we get older.
    I love how your little painting came out.
    Your granddaughter is sure to remember the special times creating with you-and your kids for that matter!

  3. That is such a magical way to spend Christmas! I love it when I can set aside “reality” and just let the paints take me away – when I am just doing without any “thinking”. I think your granddaughter picked some awesome colors too!!

  4. What a perfect moment! I absolutely LOVE doing art with my kids, it can be so inspiring. MyBoy has a certain job in my shop with the torch that he just loves.

    Thanks for the visit! happy new year!

  5. Your granddaughter did an awesome job picking out colors, because your painting looks great! That’s so cool that everyone joined in 🙂

  6. beautiful!!! so cute sitting at that little table!!!

  7. So great! Look what fun you started by sharing your love of creating. Those two adults looks so engrossed. What wonderful time to spend with your sweeties.


  8. what a way to spend a day!

  9. Lovely painting! Your table Art party looks great– and ATC’s are great fun.

  10. Your little painting brought tears! lovely! and time with your granddaughter = it warms my soul for you – I have so many precious memories crafting with my grandmother -she is the main reason I am on my creative path! xoxo

  11. Oh, what a wonderful idea and look at the results. Simply spectacular, art-wise as well as relationship-wise!

  12. Don’t you love when everyone gets involved…everyone needs an opportunity to just play with paint and pencils and things… what a great post and love your finished piece…xx

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