I don’t know how I did it

I see these beautiful, pale photos that have been layered until they have such a “dreamy” look to them.  I wanted to make one.  A search through my macro photos for something that was in the pale pink family produced this Gerber Daisy.  Perfect.

I added a texture layer, and then started playing with the adjustments.  To my surprise, pale and dreamy isn’t what appeared.

But I love it!  I can see it framed with lots of white border — maybe even a white frame.  And my first thought was what a beautiful scarf in a soft, sheer fabric.  A scarf that would coordinate with everything in my closet.  Or maybe even a vintage style dress — like something from the 40’s.  Fabric.  Yes, definitely fabric.  Fabric making would probably be taking my dabbling a bit too far — so, I’ll have to go with the framed lots of white border.  This certainly wasn’t what I set out to achieve — it’s my found art!


  1. This is incredibly beautiful. I bet you are so excited to have found this wonderful way of making art.

  2. It’s beautiful, I am a color lover and you found a awesome combination! Have you heard of http://www.spoonflower.com you can make custom fabric!
    Cheri CED

  3. How fun! I don’t even want to THINK about the possibilities! (Like I need something else to do!)

  4. Love that! Would make a beautiful velvet burn out tshirt.

  5. Love those rich saturated colors. Perfect match for the jewel tones displayed on the runway for this fall/holiday season! YUM! Rhonda Franks

  6. This is wonderful! love the colors ~ dreamy ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) CED

  7. This is pretty! I have had the same thing hsppem in Photoshop – the bad thing is I get carried away playing!

  8. I love it- such a fun look to the flower!!!!

  9. Beautiful!!!
    Isn’t amazing the differences that can come through playing. I really do love the idea of a scarf…
    Love your birds on BRAVE GIRLS!!

  10. Beautiful! Surprises are the best. I love the color.

  11. this is just beautiful…. I love it when wonderful accidents happen like this and you end up with great work even when you set out to do something different… love it…xx

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