Free Birdie

Lots of art thoughts, but little actual art these past couple of weeks.  I’ve been busy working.  I spend a lot of time working and I’m thankful that I enjoy it.  Much of my work I consider a puzzle to solve — and I love puzzles.  Sure, there are days when it’s a chore, but I try not to let that define me or my work.  And this brings me to my “Free Birdie”.  (I said in this post that you would be seeing this birdie again.)

I truly believe the sentiment I used on this piece.  I believe that it is our thoughts that make us free.  It is so easy to imprison ourselves with thoughts of what we can and can’t do.  We create cages with negative thoughts and negative self-talk.  “I’ll never _____, and I’ll always be _____.”  Who has not had that thought with the blanks filled in with whatever zip through (or maybe even constantly replay!) their mind?  I wish you a day as free as this little birdie.


  1. Cute Constance. I believe in that too. And anything is better with a bird in it. Thanks for sharing with us on the “magical” group.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  2. Such true words Constance. Wonderful work of art. 🙂

  3. I love this, Constance – both the words and the art!

  4. I just saw this over on the Daily Truth blog. What a beautiful sentiment, just what we need to remind ourselves of. Gorgeous project too!

  5. I just saw your art in my Daily Truth email, and liked it so much I clicked over to see what you’re all about. Thanks for sharing!

  6. just got my daily truth in my in-box. LOVE you little bird and the sentiment. Congrats on having your work featured!

  7. Constance,

    I LOVE your free Birdie!

    I strongly believe that it is our THOUGHTS that define who we are. As Louise Hay says, “You can change your life by simply changing your thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful and inspiring art.

  8. Just popped over from BraveGirls club email. LOVE your birdie and words that really make one think.

    It’s nice to meet you Constance.

    Lee Ann

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