The Night Sky – AEDM 8

As I was walking my dog last night, I looked up at the evening sky.  Just last Friday the space station was visible for six minutes as it traveled across the sky — so I always look up.  And there was that big beautiful, almost full, moon in a clear sky.  My attempts to capture the evening sky have been quite unsuccessful, and last night was no different.  Determined, I put my camera (the camera I need to know much more about) on manual and set it for a long exposure.  I wasn’t steady enough, so I found a metal fence post in the garage and used it as a tri-pod, although technically it was a mono-pod.  Here is the result:

In Photoshop Elements, I added texture and made minor adjustments to hue and saturation.  And here you have my AEDM day 8:.



  1. This turned out beautiful.

  2. The Moon is a wondrous thing…Jupiter has been around a lot lately too.
    Lovely photo!
    Gwen xx

  3. I love your photo! And the texture you added with the inspirational words are wonderful!

  4. I love what you did with the photograph! It did turn out beautiful

  5. So cool. I so need to learn more about photoshop.

  6. How cool that you can see the space station! The photo is beautiful and I really love how you transformed it.

  7. Nice use of technology. Love the colors.

  8. great photo and I love what you have done with it… this is so special xx

  9. Beautiful piece. And a reminder for me to aim higher! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I am loving your AEDM journey.

  10. The moon was beautiful last night here too, I’ve never tried to take a picture, my photos are usually awful. I am enjoying your art everyday posts and checking out all the “fly sister” blogs. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Love the photo and the photo creation ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/CED

  12. Beautiful! You did a wonderful job of capturing the moon in both pieces.

  13. Oh, this is so beautiful… great choice of words too. I love how you cropped the photo & the texture you chose. Fabulous. xoxo

  14. Your PS adjustments are superb! It really captures the feeling of the moonlit night!

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