AEDM day 5 – Watercolor Pencils

A day of truly dabbling, and double duty.  Wanted a little pig for my financial resource page, so I pulled out those watercolor pencils that I had not even opened.

In looking at this little fellow, either 1. my little pig has been fibbing and his snout has grown, 2. there was an anteater in the woodshed or much more likely, 3. I need to purchase one of those “How to Draw Pigs in Ten Easy Steps.”



  1. I love your little piggie. He might like to hang out with the snail pal I did for my Day 4 AEDM.

  2. Your little pig is delightful.
    Did you know that about 1000 years ago, some pigs had much longer snouts than they do these days. They used to interbreed with wild boar.
    May be your pig was around then; he is very cute!!

  3. I’m partial to little piggies as I used to collect pig ornaments many years ago. I think your little pig is quite cute, long snout and all. 🙂

  4. i like his long snout…very whimsicle…

  5. Haha your three options made me crack up, but I love your pig the way he is. I dabbled in watercolour pencils yesterday, not sure if I like them as a medium or not – makes me just want to reach for the actual watercolour paints really. Thanks so much for sharing, much love Jennibellie xx

  6. Love this piggy!

  7. I think your pig is darling! It makes me want to sneak up and kiss him on the snout!! Happy Day #5!!!

  8. I like your little piggie ! watercolor pencils are something I want to try … your cute drawing makes this wish a bit stronger ;-))

  9. I love your sense of humor . . . and your long-snouted pig!

  10. watercolour pencils are great fun aren’t they… I kind of like your little cute piggy xx

  11. You made me laugh! I love your pigvark.

  12. This so lovely. I like the children’s illustration feel to the drawing. 🙂

  13. Beth Lepper says:

    Have been reading through your blog. Love the randomness and how you love to dabble in a variety of different things. Reminds me of my self. I have done stencils for rooms that I still have in my basement stairway, laundry room and bathroom. Went through a period of knitting Felted purses. Funny gave practically all of them away….and never carried one for myself. And now I have been playing with mixed media. But have not found my own style. Thanks for the sharing of yourself and the bravery to reveal your true essence.

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