AEDM day 4 – Which Door?

Today I’ve dabbled with Photoshop Elements again.  Hadn’t planned to, but Kim Klassen sent out a new “freebie” texture and I just had to try it out.  You can sign up for them on her website.  She calls it “Shades of November.”

This is my photograph taken in Italy.  You walk down a street, and every door is a photo opportunity.  I used Kim’s texture twice.  The first layer was soft light at 52% with the door area erased.  Next I used the same texture as overly at 81%.  I finished with it and liked the results.

But then I look back to the original (no texture, no Photoshop) and I really like the cleanliness of it.  Still can’t get a clear focus (no pun intended, ha ha) even on my “style.”  What do you think?  Door number 1 or door number 2?


  1. I love both the shots, but number 1 is my favorite! Good job. Learning to work with Photoshop is on my list of things to do, I just know there are some great things to be done with it!

  2. I like the photoshopped version a lot! So much texture and it’s brighter so the door is more prominent. Good job, you!

  3. I like the #2 version. The antiqued look is very cool……I have to try photo-shop one of these days!

  4. I vote for door #1! Either one, this is a great shot you took! I love taking pictures of doors, too – just something about them.

  5. I like both photos – each one is so different from one another even though the subject matter is the same. I like how the textures changed the original image. However, the clean lines of the second photo work equally as well.

  6. oh my goodness!!! wowzer… this is just sooooo PERFECT!! thank you for the ‘shout out’…and thank you for this lovely art!!

  7. Constance…You have a fun blog. I’m going to vote for Door #1. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. I’m a texture gal, so definitely door number 1!!

  9. It makes such a difference – really ups the warmth and almost gives it an Italian scent! I love playing in PhotoShop.

  10. I love #1. Just love anything gritty and worn! And the colors are so much warmer…cool techniques

  11. Number 1 for me too, love the textured ‘vintage’ ‘old’ walls. A great photo!

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