For my granddaughter Lucy’s 5th birthday, I baked a cake — a Barbie cake.

For the past several years, I’ve been the baker of her celebration cakes.  I have used Wilton cake pans and somewhat followed the directions.  BUT this year, this Barbie cake is my creation!  She is layers of 8 inch cakes with a bowl cake on top.  The dress design evolved as I worked with the unfamiliar to me fondant.

Lucy loved the cake, but I think what she loved best was that Grandpop thought we were going to bake the cake with a real Barbie in it.

In the process of this post, my thoughts have traveled back to other creative projects — a lifetime of various projects.  I’ve realized something about my creativity — it always involves creating “something — whatever it might be” for someone I love.


  1. What a beautiful, amazing cake!! Your daughter is sooooooo lucky! I know exactly what you mean about the tie between creativity and giving to others. But after a while you will find that whether you have someone to give to or not, you just love the process of being creative.

  2. You sound so much like me; love for others always stimulates our creative juices! Looks like you really enjoyed this! Good for you!

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